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Stay with me

Stay with me Can love save your life and how powerful is her power? At the premiere of a strong and captivating story, you can go to the cinema since September 18, 2014, that as of today.

Just today, coming to theaters intriguing story about the mysterious power of love shot on the novel, which aroused stormy reader feedback. Young musician Mia has everything she ever wanted, a great family, a loving boyfriend and has just been accepted to a prestigious school. Its a bit whimsical contemplation over how to reconcile change in the functioning of schools and fresh relationship with Adam crosses the fatal blow. After a tragic accident in which she lost her parents and little brother, suddenly raises the crucial question: Stay or follow your closest?

Mia is seventeen, after a serious car accident finds himself in a coma, her world is being turned upside down. She had everything - a wonderful family, loyal friend and musical talent. At one point thinking of changing schools and suddenly loses everything taken for granted. After a tragic car crash perish her parents and brother. Mia now puts herself the crucial question - should stay or go? All existing worries suddenly seem so foolish. Mia is the first time a choice that must be made alone. Remains?

A deep story full of emotions takes us into the memories of the heroine. Mia plays the most important moments of your life, perceives the present. He sees her boyfriend Adam, their relatives and friends who arrived at the hospital, hoping that they Mia returns. Stay with them for Miu would mean to live a life so different from the one she had ever known. Can love save your life and how great is the power of love?

The model for this film was extremely interesting novel If I Stay popular American writer Gayle Forman. The main role played by the beautiful and talented actress Chloë Grace Moretz known from the movie Kick-Ass, Dark Shadows or horror Carrie. Directed by RJ Cutler, whose most famous work is the TV series Nashville. In the role of Adam will present charmer Jamie Blackley, in the role of legendary grandfather appears Stacy Keach.

The official trailer for the film can be viewed here . .

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