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Prague zoo breeding řekomyší established in Cameroon

Stray bus, operated by the Prague zoo second year, not only provides ways for schoolchildren in Cameroon gorillas and entertainment, but it also leads that are themselves committed to the protection of nature.

Ekoklub friends Dja, which Somalomo established local children after participating in one of the first rides stray bus started to develop a variety of new activities: convincing local residents to consume the meat of animals jungle called. Bushmeat, its members cleaned well and also plan to plant orchard. With the support of the Prague Zoo members started Ekoklubu introduce the breeding řekomyší on the edge of the Dja Reserve in Cameroon.

"This is a pilot project which aims to provide local people a new source of income, and also an alternative to hunting bushmeatu. The meat of the jungle rats is very tasty and even desirable, "explains Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo.

At the base of the Somalomo pens were built and placed first animals. "Project manager was appointed as the oldest member of Ekoklubu, Valérie Paul Ankanka Apann. Its main task now is to try and start breeding the first of reproduction, "said Lucie Vejmelková, coordinator of in situ projects Prague Zoo.

Prague zoo also supports material equipment Dja guardian. Repeatedly gave them to the needs of the field, but also the satellite phones.

The project Stray bus with its follow-up activities have great impact not only in Cameroon but also among professionals. Highly appreciated it, for example, participants Annual Conference of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) in Orlando.

You can support him by sending sms donor DMS OHROZENEDRUHY to 87 777 or any financial contribution to the collection account help them survive (no. Account. 43-680 466 0247/0100), buying souvenirs in special tents in the area or visiting the zoo itself. For each input receives the Prague zoo 2 CZK to save endangered species.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Miroslav Bobek and Khalil Baalbaki, Zoo Praha

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