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Warning from the woman behind the counter

Warning from the woman behind the counter When I got after a long search, place a shop assistant in the department treats a multinational chain store, I was very happy, and I considered that. After months spent at home "to promote" I am very well aware that decent jobs are as scarce.

Head of told me the onset of conditions, including pay fifteen thousand to me after my experience from various brigades and bailouts felt like a king. "Contract we will send to the headquarters of the week," she told me the leading lady and I can not see anything wrong with that. Onset was the next day at half past six in the morning. opened a while later, but the manager explained to me that before you cut salami, sausages and salads will be served arranges, it takes a lot of time.

Sell ​​at any price!

At half past four I rang alarm clock and an hour later I planted in the preparation and waiting for instructions from his senior colleague. There was a rush. I sliced ​​ham, bacon, sausages and other like savage, is arranged on trays and put them in a display case. "Why do we have to cut so much in advance? For the crusty, "I said, but Olinka colleague explained to me that the regulation of management is clear: everything must be quite a pile, hills salami, sausages, hot dogs and sausages stacked in pyramid, bowls of salads must be kept full and everything must be neatly arranged. A during the day must still salami slice and complement each other. "But all of this in the evening we can not sell it," I said. "We need to sell. You have something to offer people all the time, you will see that i will buy what you want. And when you sell, stir residues tomorrow morning between freshly sliced. "I thought he was joking, but when just brought in walnut salad and smoked nakydala yesterday, which pulled out of the fridge, I realized that it was serious." You gotta salads during the day still stir that were crusty on top. This does not look appetizing and people would want, "she told me and grabbed a spoon into Vlasak. Surprised, I watched her and thought, Oh, you're here for lunch salad certainly do not, because the bottom is fresh and it will range up tomorrow, but it will no longer fresh. Customers actually never have a chance to buy a fresh salad.

I better keep my mouth shut

When I unwrapped the foil sausages, I noticed that they are covered with a white coating. Incipient rot? "It does not look too appetizing, is not it already passed?" I asked. "But it'll sell, take a paper towel and polish them properly," she mi importantly Olinka. Similarly, I had to improve slightly slimy and smelly sausages and sausages - you've again had to wash with lukewarm water. Top cuttings were Dutch. "God, for they are already moldy underneath," I was horrified when I semi arranged on a tray. A wafting of course. "Then scrape it, wrap it again," she instructed me Olinka. I just rolled my eyes. "And you do not mind selling such filth?" I ventured to ask. "Look, I have a small child at home, I'm a single parent, I was looking for work half a year and I'm glad I found some. So I keep my mouth shut and I do what I say. Notwithstanding the fact that they're doing so well everywhere ... "brusquely dismissed me. I was in shock. My idea of ​​a nice work received major crack.

Wow, it'd better not take

Working behind the counter I liked, I was happy with the people selling bacon and ham selection, because I knew that these sausages are fresh. But if someone wanted salad, sausage or God forbid Dutch steak, I had the mood. I feel like the people said, "Wow, I can not take, you will be sick," but I did not dare. A little annoyed watching Olinka as chirps with customers and each offers products aggressively, which was not that interested. "And we have excellent pasties, you give a piece? Or here the Dutch cuttings, young lady, you are awfully good. Folks praises, buy them home for dinner .. "jabbering.

Roasted employment contract

I had all of the mixed emotions - on the one hand happy to have a job, on the other hand, angry that people like Suli. When the week came pan head and brought me a contract, I never got to wonder. "What this means is that if necessary you can send me to another sphere of work?" I asked when I came across in the contract at the first point of controversy. "No he will have to go and help out in other stores. Wherever we have offices. to Prague to Brno ... "It rolled my eyes." Like that of Central Bohemia Brno to go somewhere, I was there at six o'clock in the morning? This is a business trip, you pay me? "" No, of course you will pay the shipping, but if you had to stay more days, you have to find a hostel or hotel and pay for it myself, "he assured me, Mr. Chief." What ?? "Would I believe it. But the next shock came almost immediately.

"Unfortunately you are not able to sell this stuff, so it makes a hundred crowns for each of you," said the head of a Olinka he ran for his wallet. "Do not understand what you mean," I said in amazement. "No you can not sell what you need with others shop assistants pay. Today it makes a hundred crowns each. That our society soon came to the drum, if goods throwing, "explained Mr. Chief importantly, looking at a week old, slimy cold cuts, sausages and smelly Dutch pulp, which was simply one of the customers wanted. It rolled my eyes as Hurvínek" Wait, I did go to work to earn money. It is absurd to pay for something that is not my fault ... And offer expired goods simply will not "I refused to give money. Unlike Olinka. When I then hit in the contract on salary, the amount of seven thousand crowns, I knew it was bad. "Leading lady promised me fifteen thousand," I said, already annoyed boss. "Oh yes, dear, but only after a three-month trial period "I settled down. I realized that for the three months just extended my contract, preferring to kick me out again and take someone "for seven." So would your dream salary was forthcoming as well. Doing here for a buck, cheat people and even pointless to pay a fine? Does this price? I took off my coat, took her purse and saying, "Is this what we really do not! Hi! 'I walked straight towards employment office.

Guys, watch out!

It is clear to me that a week of hard work, when I got up before the larks and trailed home nearly dark when just flew owls, with swollen feet and aching head, get a penny, but what can I do? Should I leave exploit and humiliate? This certainly boasting a multinational company name in his native western country to allow its employees, but Holt Czech saleswomen are often a slave! And their bosses forced to lie to customers and offering them "poisons" and "garbage" that are issued for delights! Ugh! Actually, I'm glad I came on time and everything that I can at least take this opportunity to warn others. Folks, be very careful what and where you are buying. However well-arranged display case with goodies does not mean that you have to really enjoy!

Trained HV saleswoman from Central Bohemia

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