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South Tyrolean autumn feast of chestnuts, bacon festival, summit for mountaineers

South Tyrolean autumn feast of chestnuts, bacon festival, summit for mountaineers Fall and October holidays are often sunny. What else do you go to South Tyrol / Südtirol province in the north of Italy, for a long weekend? Here are some tips on what is possible in the Northern Italian province to take the fall ...

Celebration Toerggellen

What do the inhabitants of the province of South Tyrol in the fall? Celebrating Toerggellen. It's actually a celebration of chestnuts, which was born in the valley of Val / Valle Isarco. People go on walks, which ends on farms and in rural pubs.

Local peasant women begin to suffer all sorts of goodies on the table - Schlachtplatte - plate with bacon, sauerkraut, South Tyrol bacon, sausage and dumplings Kaminwurzen. Another operation is then roasted chestnuts, whose trees you have very considered. There was is an important source of livelihood. Food will end with a sweet dessert Krapfen.

This serves wine and new wine somewhere. Open their cellars and winegrowers. This can spend the goodness to walk, such as the famous chestnut trail - "Keschtnweg". It leads through the valley of Val and starts in Vahrn / Varna in Brixen / Bressanone. This year Toerggellen already started on September 27 finishes in early December. So enough time and enough ...

Bacon festival

Everything related to South Tyrol bacon, it is possible to learn on the weekend Speckfestu, bacon festival, which takes place in the village of St. Magdalena valley in Villnöss / S. Maddalena in Val di Funes. Each visitor can sample a variety of reefer South Tyrolean producers, as well as specialties from the delicatessen produce.
They play local folk band here, there stands with typical local products. On Sunday, selects the "Queen of bacon." South Tyrolean speck in the least resemble the Czech. It is a slightly smoked and cured ham with exceptional taste and unique design, which is aged up to 6 months. South Tyrolean speck uses PGI PGI.

Festival strudel

Children like adults strudel and breads ... Therefore, in the South Tyrol festival takes place strudel and bread in Brixen / Bressanone. It is an interesting sight: there can learn something from history bakers, learn new recipes. Can i bake children. Visitors can taste the South Tyrolean bakery products, original South Tyrolean apple strudel and culinary delights of this picturesque valley north Italian province.

Kiku International Mountain Summit for mountaineers

Movies with mountain-themed lectures and round tables with climbers and other legends - that IMS is an international festival, where fans flock to the mountains from around the world. The lectures and round tables to renowned personalities, mountaineers and alpinists exchange views. The festival also includes hiking or mountain climbing, which you can go with the main participants of the festival. The motto this year is "willpower".

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