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Marketa Irglova: Muna

Marketa Irglova: Muna Three years after their debut album, Anar comes Markéta Irglová, the only Czech female Oscar winner, her second album Muna.

The recording Muna (Icelandic "reminded of a") brings eleven songs copyright in the arrangement richer and wider than the tool occupancy debut album, Anar. It demonstrates not only the author's potential Markéta Irglová, but also its ability to creative development.
Although the mood of the album follows the romantic-folk debut, in a number of songs, however Irglova's first album crosses boundaries and reaches the position previously unsuspected, which meets rock music with ethnic influences of the Orient.

While Anar content oscillated between intimate confessions and looks back at the period around the Oscar-winning events and hectic years after, Muna is rather a documentary about finding inner world and spiritual paths, sense of events and the search itself. Irglová wrote songs mainly during the first year of life in New York, but during the six-month studio work in Iceland literally "leaked" mystical atmosfétou this "lost" island, and also thanks to the participation of local musicians, locations, where they recorded a particularly inventive producer and studio engineer Sturla Mio Thorissona. Of the twenty-seven musicians who participated on the album, formed the nucleus as in the case of the previous debut of guitarist Rob loaf (The Frames and Swell Season) and Iranian percussionist and toys to traditional drum daf Aida Shahgashemi. The role of accompanying the singer on several songs appear and Markéta Irglová sister Susan, listeners will enjoy the strings or choir.

Worth mentioning is undoubtedly that of the American multi-instrumentalist, bass player, keyboards, and percussion Shahzad Ismaily behalf. The origin Pakistani musician, born in USA emigré parents had previously collaborated. Tom Waits, Lou Reed or Yoko Ono. His play percussion or untraditional banjo as a rhythm instrument unconventional album added dimension.

Already the first review to suggest that Mark Irglová managed to create content and musically kompexní musical work that builds on its debut, but inches away. Curren Albea Markéta Irglová finally confirmed that it is independent, extremely talented creative personalities that Oscar success met only by chance.

Soon after the album's release will be followed by a tour in October it will be two dozen concerts in the USA and Canada in November and then in Europe.

Part of the European tour will be three concerts in the Czech Republic - Brno (11.8 Sono center), native Wallachia Mezirící (9.11) and Prague (10.11).

Markéta Irglová Bio

Markéta Irglová (* 28 February 1988, Meziříčí) is a Czech composer, singer and actress, who won an Oscar for original song for the film Once.

It deals with music since he was seven, when her parents bought the first piano and signed her to a music school. In nine years, received a guitar from his father, and immediately it began to play and learn songs by listening. The Wallachian Mezirící graduated from the local high school. At thirteen, she met with Glen Hansard, which is about two years later went to tour around the world.

In 2006, Hansard and Irglova released a joint album called The Swell Season in music publishing Overcoat Recordings. Together, they performed well in the aforementioned Irish musical film Once in 2006, for which he also composed and recorded music. Was romantic song Falling Slowly from the film won an Oscar for the 2007 film became famous after he won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2007 .

On 3 March 2008 she received the Academy Award for popular music discovery.

In 2011, she released her debut album Anar at the prestigious label ANTI. Name of the recording in Persian means "pomegranate" and Persian element is represented on CD participation of Iranian players in the daf drum and singer Aida Shahghasemi. The album was co-produced along with Irglova her former husband Tim Iseler, who plays in supporting the band on bass and electric guitar.

Second, a rising Muna album is significantly affected by Iceland, where Margaret currently lives with a partner, Icelandic musician and producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. On 2 November 2013, they had a baby girl Árveig.

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