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September is the month of the brain and heart. We take care of them properly?

On 21 September traditionally accounts for World Alzheimer's Day. This disease disrupts part of the brain, which is reflected deterioration of memory, judgment and thinking. A few days later, people in more than hundred countries around the world commemorate World Heart Day, which is dedicated to 29th September.

Both days We should point out that properly take care of their health. The probability of disease of the brain or heart it is possible to reduce, if you follow certain guidelines. You may be surprised, but among them and chocolate intake.

Here it is again: Beware of cakes!

A busy time we are often tempted to skip snacks or dismissing lunch or dinner in the spirit of fast food. However, if you do not want to have a few years of problems with high cholesterol levels in the blood, which can lead to various diseases of the circulatory system, we should avoid these dishes far. Indeed, they may contain trans-fatty acids, resulting in increased just cholesterol. They are also present as well as in some kinds of pastries and desserts. On the other hand in your diet should include fatty acids.

"Although the concept of omega-3, we hear from all sides, mostly do not care what it is for. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA helps maintain proper brain function, together with a fatty acid EPA then aids proper functioning of the heart. The minimum daily intake of these acids should be around 250 mg, which corresponds to approximately two portions of oily fish a week. This dose may of course substitute and supplements. If you touch them, choose especially those in which is strictly controlled by the presence of heavy metals in fish oil used, "explains Clare Minczinger company of Generica." It is good to combine omega-3 fatty acids with coenzyme Q10. Common intake it guarantees better absorption of coenzyme. Conversely, its deficiency can lead to various problems with the heart, "says Minczinger.

Chocolate is enabled, no cigarettes

Positive effects on health can be found in chocolate and, of course, if we are going to consume in adequate amounts. Included endorphins, which are known as hormones luck, ward off depression and reduce pain. High-quality dark chocolate may even help positively affect blood pressure. Yet we should not exaggerate the consumption of chocolate, because it can lead to obesity. She then has devastating effects on the entire body. The key is waist circumference, which should not exceed 80 cm in women and in men 94 cm. Just settling fat in the abdominal area is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, but with type diabetes and high blood pressure. Excess fat is additionally stored in the blood vessel, causing an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. In addition to hardening of the arteries naturally higher body weight may also smoking. This also temporarily increases blood pressure and strain on the heart, which must beat faster. Chocolate therefore we do not forgive, cigarette, but definitely yes.

The stress and depression sweeps and a good book

Not only is the population aging, but also more and more people not take the time sport. The lack of physical movement is but one of the risk factors that may influence the formation of Alzheimer's disease and heart disease. Therefore, we should try to galvanize his body several times a week and try to change habitual ways. If the weather allows, for example, is a good place to go to work by public transport on foot. I walk the ordinary is calculated. This addition can be very effective in combating stress, which again may become depressed together with an increased risk for heart disease and brain. At least an hour a day so we had to pay relaxation whether it will be a nature walks, yoga or reading books. In any case, we should try to strictly separate your personal life from that work, which can be a source of tension, stress and depression.

Exercising the brain

In addition to regular physical activity should definitely not forget to train the brain activity. Besides the already mentioned reading is good for our brain such as crossword puzzles, learning new languages, but also attempt to learn to play a musical instrument. In addition, there are some natural ingredients that can help to promote not only brain activity, but often also the vascular system and the heart as well. "For the treatment of Alzheimer's disease has long been recommended ginkgo. Although no studies have confirmed its benefits directly related to the treatment of this disease, we know that it has very positive effects on peripheral blood circulation and thus the blood supply to the brain. I can also recommend lecithin, which helps maintain normal cholesterol and thereby partially contributes to reducing the risk of heart and stroke, "says Klára Minczinger.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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