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Škoda Economy Run 2014: Winner Octavia with consumption of 2.95 liters / 100 km

Škoda Economy Run 2014: Winner Octavia with consumption of 2.95 liters / 100 km The winner is the Škoda Octavia Combi 2.0 TDI DPF / 103 kW (2006). The 33rd edition of the competition Škoda Economy Run crew escaped from George Pilný and Petr Sima with Skoda Octavia whole track with consumption of 2.95 liters / 100 km, reaching the lowest value of all the participants in this traditional competition for the most economical driving. Achieved consumption corresponds to emissions of only 77.88 g CO2 / km.

33rd contest Economy Run was held on Saturday 20 September 2014. "This year's Škoda Economy Run again demonstrated how efficiently you can travel with the Skoda brand cars," says Roman Havlásek, Head of After Sales at Škoda Auto. "Congratulations to George diligent and Petr Šíma to reach peak consumption of 2.95 liters of fuel per 100 km. The brand has Škoda reduce consumption and emissions across the model range top priority. The results show that this route is successful and these values ​​step by step significantly improves, "adds Havlásek.

At the start of this year is finally built a total of 48 crews. A one-day competition was designed exclusively for Škoda cars powered by gasoline or diesel engines. Start a destination 309 km long track was in Kosmonosy, near the company's headquarters in Mlada Boleslav.
The technical preparation and control, as well as the whole course of the competition provide the technical services Škoda Service. All service operations are carried out on site service center in Kosmonosy.

Participants were divided into five categories based on the lowest CO2 emissions based on the total consumption of the vehicle. Was also taken into account average speed and the difference between the actual and standard consumption. At the same consumption and CO2 emissions deciding higher average speed respectively. larger displacement.

For the first time this year has applied a new method of measuring consumption, developed together with the car manufacturer Škoda. The basis of this methodology is an electronic diagnostic device that detects the exact amount of fuel in the tank located before and after the ride. The tank is initially filled with a two-thirds. The difference between the two measured values ​​then gives the exact amount of fuel consumed. In recent years, the competition at the start of refueling a tank full of fuel used was checked by the amount dotankovaného the finish.

Škoda consistently reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of their models. At present, the now 18 models and variants of Škoda cars CO2 emissions below 100 g / km, 97 ŠKODA models emitting less than 120 g CO2 / km. The best ecological values ​​featured models Škoda GreenLine and Green tec, which are available for all model series Škoda brand. An important pillar is also powered by natural gas, which offers three attractive models G-TEC - Citigo G-TEC, G-TEC Octavia and Octavia Combi G-TEC. Individual mobility begins on cars Škoda brand value of 79 g CO2 / km for gas-powered city car Skoda Citigo G-TEC.

New standards for the consumption down by autumn 2014, the new Škoda Fabia. The newly developed small car will be up to 17 percent more friendly than its predecessor. Fabia GreenLine that appear on the market in late 2015, is content with the consumption of only 3.1 liters of diesel per 100 km, which corresponds to emissions of only 82 g CO2 / km .

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