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Festival Between the Fences in a new outfit

Festival Between the Fences in a new outfit Project between the fences in 2014 will present a new form. In addition to the festival grounds in Prague Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice, this time held on 4 and 5 October, will also include cooperation with Czech public television and collection reports DMS to help the mentally ill.

Action between the fences this year ranked among the charitable projects of Czech Television. The organizers this time have greater ambitions than simply offer visitors a unique cultural experience. They also want to open a free communication about the soul and gently offer help to all who are experiencing stress, tension, anxiety, mental crisis or just a difficult period. Czech television the day before the festival, on Friday, October 3 broadcast a special extended edition of the program Hyde Park, where will answer audience questions and offer assistance by leading experts in the human soul under the direction of Dr. Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital. Holly Martin, Chairman of the Czech Psychiatric Association.

Among the fences this year by participating in the festival will support such as Tomáš Klus, Lou Fanánek Hagen is a group of three sisters in a great acoustic set, Čechomor, Ewa Farn, Sto animals Čokovoko, Michal Horacek with the Czech calendar, Lenka Filipov Lenny and his daughter, Celeste Buckingham, Dan Barta and Robert Balzar Trio, Michal Malátný known from bands Chinaski program dedicated to children, Sunflower Caravan, Flowers, Republic of Two, Tonya Graves, Vaclav Neckar, Laco Deczi, Pavel Sporcl, HaDivadlo, Anna Polívková with the duo told Aniba , Albert Black with Lake Malawi and dozens of other prominent representatives of the local cultural scene.

For the first time in cooperation with Czech Television

Cooperation with Czech television airing meetings will culminate Dejvické theater actress Simony Babčáková with her ​​colleagues, who themselves have overcome various life falls or psychological problems. Minutes of the meeting will be broadcast ČT2 the first day of the festival. "It's for the audience to these famous people could identify and realize that their problems are not alone and that there is a path to a solution," explains David Smoljak that this program preparing for screenwriting projects between the fences. Participation has confirmed Olga Sleeping, Lou Fanánek Hagen, Václav Marhoul, Jan Kalina of Sto groups of animals, Michal Horacek, Ewa Farn, Jan Vaclav Neckar and Neckar or festival founder Robert Kozler between the fences.

The project is among the fences this year with a collection of donor SMS messages to help the mentally ill. The proceeds will help the Foundation Bona with building a computer workstation, where they will psychiatric patients, especially those suffering from schizophrenia, learn how to work with graphics programs and acquire skills that will help them return to normal life.

DMS will be promoted especially in the Czech Television. "Has long been the subject of physical and mental health and devote educate our audience through our programs and through cooperation with non-profit organizations. That's why we joined the project on the problems of the soul, which this year brings a new festival among the fences, and also to support his campaign DMS ", explains Monika Tomíčková, manager of the charitable activities of Czech Television.

Robert Kozler, who is also the author of a new format between fences, says: "In our civilization, on pain of soul speak too. We do not want or are afraid to reveal their inner problems. Stud, inappropriateness, fear ... these are the reasons why people struggle with their problems themselves. In doing so, the mere sharing problem has a miraculous effect. "Also adds:" Sometimes we forget that mental illnesses are - as well as diseases of the body - combined with a large human pain. I think the only way to understand this at least in part, is through our own life falls and struggles. I believe that when people offer help with mental health problems, will be open to the suffering of the mentally ill and promote the public collection. "

Besides artists will participate and renowned psychiatrists and psychologists, who will address the visitors a short lecture. They will also communicate with them about how to know when to seek professional help, and where such assistance can be found. "Mental problems can meet virtually all of us. Yet many people are still reluctant to seek help. Maybe because they are ashamed or are themselves rooted in a certain distrust of psychiatry or psychology. I think that communication professionals with visitors can help break this mistrust, "said Martin Herman.
Petra Kovářová, Daniela Šteruská and Vendy Fenclová time dramaturgy in a manner that corresponded with the overall intent of the new concept project between the fences. "Idea of the festival seemed to us a new, novel and especially important to spread. And so we have the main motive of the festival, that is, mental health care, and sought to align its programming, "says Kovářová.

The cultural program of the festival will take place in six stages.
Detailed information about the program can be found here .

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