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Experience exhibition Our journey to the Exhibition Grounds

Experience exhibition Our journey to the Exhibition Grounds From 1 October to 30 November at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague-Holešovice world grows unique experiential exhibitions our way. Its aim is to introduce children and adults everyday life of people with visual, hearing and physical disabilities.

Exhibition Our journey is part of a campaign that since 2010, seeks to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities.
Here you will find video from the show

"The most effective way to overcome the insecurity that people in a meeting with people with disabilities still feel it is their own experience and personal encounter,"
says Slávka Hock, Project Manager "That's why our own way visitors will enter a world where people with disabilities are nothing special. Get rid of so many prejudices and fear of contact with each other, "he adds.

Křižík's Pavilion B at the time of the turn, for example, in a specially modified to be weak-sighted for the kitchen or bathroom for wheelchair users, will also be a square with the hotel or the bus stop. Under the guidance of guides, many of whom are hearing, physical or visual disabilities live here have children and adults will be able to experience a variety of situations from everyday life - such as the handling of orthopedic trolley station in a real environment, spatial orientation and object recognition without the supervision of sight in a dark tunnel or communicate with the deaf. They will see how people with various disabilities can control and use of modern technology, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Have fun at a number of motor and memory games or try their skills on the climbing wall at basketball, floorball and other specialty sports.

The exhibition will again be free and open every day, weekdays from 9-17 hours and on weekends from 10 to 18 hours. A new feature will be experiential seminars for various interest groups such as teachers, administrators, managers or even university students. More information can be found on the website

For schools and groups ready booking system .

The exhibition Our journey could already this year in May and June to visit residents of Brno and its surroundings, where for 59 days attracted 17,857 visitors, of which 10,712 children from 510 school classes and children's groups. The concept of the exhibition Our path is based on the success of interactive exhibitions My journey, which in Prague in June 2013 experienced 26 days more than 7,300 enthusiastic visitors.

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