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Eye drops: without proper applications do not work

The administration of eye drops presents for patients with glaucoma treatment basis. To make the eye received the necessary amount of active substance is an important technique correct drip. What recommendations to keep and which mistakes to avoid, it outlines the following lines.

Six steps to proper instillation of eye drops

First awareness. Before you ophthalmologist will prescribe any ocular medication, make sure you know all the necessary information regarding other medicines you are taking, and allergies suffer.

Second accuracy.
Follow dosage recommended by your eye doctor. Avoid reducing the amount if you do not feel any inconvenience.

Third Hygiene.
Before application of eye drops, always wash hands, to minimize the risk of infection. Be careful not to over use the dropper touch anything, and keep it as clean as possible.

Fourth procedure.
Correct application of eye drops as follows:
Tilt your head back,
forefinger of his left hand gently pull down the lower eyelid to form a pocket,
Look upward,
formed into pockets apply the necessary number of drops,
a close eye without blinking, wait about 2 minutes,
while waiting lightly press your thumb and index finger inside corner of the closed eye, so to avoid washing away the drug away lacrimal duct into the nose.

Help the fifth.
If you shaking hand, pinch the eye dropper to the outside of his hand and then back in your face, so that when the drug was stable. In the event that the correct application of drops remains hampered by strong shaking hands or other motor disorders, do not hesitate to ask for help a family member. It is important that the active substance is actually given to the eye as needed.

Sixth time span.,
If you have a doctor prescribed more types of eye drops, wait for the next administration of the drug for at least 5 minutes after using the eye drops first. This will prevent the run-off and reduce the undesirable effect.

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