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Reclaim exaggerated fear of their child

If it is born into a family descendant, it comes with a number of concerns. Sleeping enough? He's not hungry? It does not hurt anything? Similar and many other questions are chasing in the head of many parents and the anxiety that accompanies them, is completely natural. Of course, but only to a certain extent.

When anxiety goes away

Hand in hand with a lot of experience and number of children, parental anxiety disappears, or at least significantly reduced. Not so but for all parents. Tightness in the stomach , trouble sleeping, nervousness, ... Such difficulties may persist, although the child is no longer a baby several months.

Often accompanied by the following concerns:
My baby is developing properly?
Do not spend too much time in the nursery / preschool outside the home?
It has enough friends?
It is threatened by excessive amounts of hazardous chemicals in food, water or air?
There is bullied at school?


Parenting is associated with a number of tasks that child during its development meet. Some easier to handle, others it takes longer. Not all parents, however, these advances can patiently wait. Maternal and paternal anxiety then comes in conjunction with the formation of catastrophic scenarios, My child does not learn to go potty, will have to wear diapers, and therefore do not take him to school, my son can not chew a piece of dog, grandmother to him but he secretly gives a suffocate and the like.

Fear control

Although occasional anxiety and concern to include parental status, chronic stress does not benefit neither the parents nor the child. Tame exaggerated fear of their child is therefore desirable.
The following tips may help:
Talk more with your partner, not only about their concerns, but for all that the child concerned.
Share your experiences and concerns with other parents and family members.
The number of questions will help find the answer pediatrician, ask him.
If anxiety persists for a long time and disrupt your daily activities, do not be afraid to seek help from a specialist - a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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