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French singer ZAZ finally arrives at a separate concert. Do Brno.

French singer ZAZ finally arrives at a separate concert. Do Brno. After repeated success on the festival stage Colours of Ostrava, the French singer and songwriter ZAZ finally going to the Czech long-awaited solo concert.

In Brno ZAZ present on December 1 in the hall Vodova with a repertoire of its current successful album Recto Verso. Certainly, however, let's not forget his greatest hits from a debut recording laconically called ZAZ. Now that she is opening the way to the stage and into the hearts of fans across Europe.

ZAZ is beautiful, energetic, has a captivating voice and unique style. Podium loves like few, the audience wakes up in her temperament not unlike the famous Edith Piaf. Yet it remains your own, inimitable and fresh. Her style combines pop, rock, ELECTROSWING, chanson and jazz, creating a distinctive irresistible original. The band is able to infect their playfulness and self-confident exuberance with which dancing (rather flies) after the stage. The audience captivated by its characteristic chraplákem, which is without a doubt the x-factor. "I think my voice I draw the way I sing all the time," she said ZAZ Metro newspaper some time ago. "Not because he will not spare, always into singing I consider a lot, so that voice hoarse to nothing. I have a tendency to scream, the rest will hear and see the concert. "

ZAZ - his own name Isabelle Geffroy - singing from an early age, she studied at the music school and admires Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, Richard Bonn and Bobby McFerrin. Since 2001 the various blues and jazz bands, with whom she performed in Casablanca, Morocco, the Basque Country, Japan, Colombia, Siberia or the Egyptian pyramids. In 2006 he returned to Paris and fumbled a bit musically. Everything changed after meeting with producer Kérredine Soltanim (author of the hit Je Veux). S Kerredinem recorded in 2010 with their debut album simply titled ZAZ. Most of the songs she passed, some contributed by French singer-songwriter Raphael Haroche. Sold him nearly two million (!), Has become the darling of France and after a great tour gained in other countries, including the Czech Republic.

With a new album Recto Verso triumphs again, again, without any effort captivated audiences and critics. Its immediacy is simply irresistible. His talent also gets a French composer, Kerredine Soltani she wrote another hit On Ira. Her ballad, which gives full pass singer's sensibility, wrote perhaps the greatest French hitmaker Jean-Jacques Goldman.

ZAZ free time enjoys life, dancing and practicing kung fu. Maybe because it works so rampant. It reminds papinův pot that out of steam through live performances. Otherwise, perhaps creative pressure exploded.

Visitors of Brno concert now have a unique opportunity to see a variety show, which showcases various vocal positions ZAZ - from bewitchingly lyrical after uncompromisingly raw. Vodova Hall is a popular venue for concerts of pop stars. It offers both sitting in the stands and in the parking area below the stage.

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