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In schools infection lurks at every turn

Every parent knows this situation certainly. In the morning you go wake her little schoolboy and discover him in bed with a decent fever. Instead of job duties and spend the day waiting in doctors' offices. Do you know what danger threatens children in school and how to protect against infection?

Easy transfer of infection

Schools and school facilities are for the transmission of infectious diseases absolutely ideal. Schoolboys are in daily close contact with their classmates, in addition, not all adhere to basic hygiene rules. Washing hands after visiting the toilet or covering the mouth when coughing are nowadays commonplace. Some parents even send their sick children to school. In autumn and winter months are not so rare smrkající and coughing class. School classes can be a slight exaggeration to liken laboratory incubator for growing bacteria. Infectious diseases in schoolchildren are an ideal breeding ground for its further transmission. Schools may be a tool that provides and supports the health of their wards. You just stick to simple but effective hygiene rules.

Known and almost forgotten disease

Lice, chicken pox or flu . These diseases are in schools familiar. In the classroom, however, starting to come back i almost forgot infection. An example may be the increasing number of cases of mumps and whooping cough.

What dangers therefore in school children lurk:
Flu, chickenpox, mumps, measles, rubella, whooping cough, gastroenteritis disease ( stomach and intestines), meningococcus, scarlet fever, lice, scabies, pinworms.

The high concentration of people in one place allows the transmission of many infectious diseases. Neglecting hygiene is no exception hepatitis A infection or disease of dirty hands. Frequent are also transmitting viruses that cause the symptoms of colds , especially in rough times and cold months.

Four principles of prevention

Wash your hands - Keeping the hands is one of the best ways to prevent a wide range of infectious diseases. Schools latter should play a key role in promoting good hand hygiene.

Watch your hand in front of mouth - cover your hands mouth when you cough or sneeze not turn such work. Yet there are those who have this simple hygiene rules do not comply. Droplets same time can reach up to two meters, stick to the subject and form so-called infectious dust.

Sick leave the kids at home - Ratolesti, which disease would seriously have to stay at home. Although it can sometimes be difficult to find as baby, know that the only insulation may break the chain of infection.

Vaccination - Many diseases can be prevented by vaccination. Today's vaccines are very safe and effective, thus it is not necessary to have an unfounded fear of serious side effects. This will protect the child from severe course of the disease and possible complications.

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