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Caution pays off

Activities "shoddy" are ongoing. Victims of demonstration actions, unfair lending and other contracts are contacted by new "helpers" who compared the promise of aid exacerbate problems and collect more and more fees. About their activities and newly discovered kličkách in the new Civil Code mainstream media reports almost daily.

Pilsen branch of the People in Need Foundation responded to the situation and currently has released a brochure Caution pays off, which should help citizens in orientation in problematic situations.

Workers of the People in Need provide social services and often meet with people who get into difficult life situations and have used this experience in the processing of brochures. "We want to focus attention on the issue of loans and debt, foreclosures, debt relief, demonstrations and the like," specifies the contents of the manual Petra Šmídlová, Coordinator of the People in Need. The booklet does not aim to introduce these situations only, but also highlight ways to prevent their impacts and to offer effective ways of Defense.

Guide caution is paid was issued under a project supported by the Ministry of the Interior and of the. Publication citizens can get free Pilsen region to municipal authorities. Other project activities are information seminars. "Before the holidays a seminar for social workers and local authorities are prepared workshops for teachers and city police officers," says Petra Šmídlová. Part of the project have already been trained more than fifty social workers currently are entered into the application of teachers and police officers.

Information brochure caution is paid, you can download HERE .

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