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Active fatherhood is in the Czech Republic is still widespread phenomenon

Czechs is today known active fatherhood. Men want to parent, they are still in it but prevents finance, says a new survey.

Active fatherhood is in the Czech Republic is still widespread phenomenon.

According to new research exclusive agency for the League Mediaresearch open men growing awareness in society of active fatherhood and men want to be more involved in child care, such as the use of parental leave at least a short time. Current research has confirmed that the main and crucial barrier is the fear of financial loss. Also interesting finding is that 66% of women do not want men to go on parental leave, if only for a moment. As research has shown, there are the main reason finance, according to 40% of the respondents is then reason to fear that the man failed on child well care of women and thus defend its traditional role in the family.

"Research shows growing interest of Czechs active fatherhood,"
says Luke Talpa, project manager full time Dad of the League of open men. He adds: "We've even increase the number of men between 20 and 55 years who are on his arrival to parental believe. Between 2010 and 2013 it was increased by 3%. "

Czech men have to build intense relationship with their children from an early age in high demand. According to a recent survey by the Czech National panel to over 60% of fathers thought that the father of the child should spend at least while on parental leave. Parental At the same time currently 1-2% of men. Most important barrier to men stay with the child at least for a while on parental leave financial disadvantage.

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