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Ten tips to relieve the onset of the child to kindergarten

The first days of stay in pre-school facilities are a great test for both the child alone, and his parents. Here are several recommendations that can help you to all involved, this period markedly easier.

Show your baby's playground. Nursery with the environment, at least with an outdoor area, it is appropriate to introduce a child before starting regular attendance.
Try getting up. Adapts child at least a month in advance on the day mode, which is observed at the installation. We are talking mainly about the timing of sleep and eating.
Start slowly. Proven a gradual lengthening of residence of the child. At first, it is sufficient to several tens of minutes later more hours and eventually the child can spend the whole day in kindergarten.
Be supportive. Much of the care centers today already allows parents to spend the first few days here together with your child. It is advisable not to use this option really only the beginning.
Master the basics. The child is independent, the better. If you can dress itself, manages to use the toilet, wash your hands, eat, etc., easier to adapt in a new environment.
Show your enthusiasm. Tell your son or daughter in advance that will attend the school and why it is necessary. This news REFER delight their friends and relatives, preferably in the presence of the child.
Never jinx. Kindergarten must not be perceived as punishment. Therefore, avoid phrases like "Wait, where teachers teach you!" Or "When you're angry, you're in kindergarten tomorrow for more!"
Try it without tears. Goodbyes Do not pass a moment longer than necessary. Never, however, do not leave the nursery secretly, would undermine the child's confidence in you.
Keep your word. Always follow the conventions that you have negotiated with offspring. For example, in terms of the agreed time, when the baby arrives.
Manifesting interest. Ask when you pick up to new experiences. Your offspring need to know about him interested in the moments when you are not together.

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