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Mushroom poisoning: recognize symptoms and know how to give first aid?

Due to fungi and eggs or pickled neleníme and go comb forests of our country. However, inexperienced individuals with this hobby can be fatal. Remember that mushroom poisoning only helps early negotiations.

When deadly poisonous mushroom poisoning, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible, so do not delay in transporting to the hospital!

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning. Can you spot them?

Manifestations of poisoning are diverse, depending mainly on the type of mushrooms consumed.
The most common symptoms are difficulty digestive system. Poisoning typically starts in 8 to 12 hours, in practice it is usually in the morning after an evening consumption of mushrooms. Symptoms of damage to the digestive tract are severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and průjem.Postižení nervous system for individual species of fungi vary. Toxic substances can cause agitation, hallucinations, involuntary movements, unconsciousness.
In the process of poisoning is also a violation of the cardiovascular system. It appears to decrease heart rate, blood pressure, headaches and sick may feel uncomfortable palpitations. Going to shock the legs become pale and cold.
Very serious consequences of contact causes liver and kidney. Toxins from fungi such bodies usually irreversibly destroyed. Symptoms of damage to occur while usually for 2-3 days.

The most toxic species

Toadstool tuberous (green). Has a status deadliest mushrooms Czech Republic. Poisoning by this fungus are rare, because it is possible to confuse it with mushrooms. For 7-13 hours after ingestion occurs persistent vomiting and diarrhea after 2-3 days, the serious liver and kidney damage.
Toadstool tiger. Tu can be confused with Masák or bedla. For 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating there is a strong salivation, lacrimation, abdominal pain, constriction of the pupils, irritability of the nervous system, rapid pulse and low blood pressure. Affected appear hallucinations, feelings of depersonalization unconsciousness. The same cause symptoms of poisoning and ingestion of red toadstools, but whose appearance is so typical that it identifies each picker.
Cortinarius. Regarding during poisoning is a somewhat atypical representative. The day after its consumption leads to back pain and digestive problems, but gradually subsides. In 2-3 weeks, however, has severe and irreversible renal damage.

Most non-edible fungi, including Tricholoma, závojenky, mushroom satan and other causes varying degrees of indigestion. They picked up about an hour from their consumption.

First aid

When deadly poisonous mushroom poisoning, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible, so do not delay in transporting to the hospital!
If patient is fully conscious, and therefore there is no risk of aspiration, try to induce vomiting, irritation of the tongue root or walls, such as the patient's finger or spoon handle. At least part vyzvraceného keep the contents into a plastic bag for eventual analysis.
Affected give 5-10 tablets crushed charcoal large quantities of water.
Then, move it as quickly as possible to the hospital or call EMS (tel. 155).
Do not forget to take your vomit or any other pattern hub, whether raw or prepared state.
In cases that are not acute (eg, ingestion of mushrooms unknown child who shows symptoms of poisoning), contact the Poison Information Centre, tel. 224 919 293rd Experts are here for you 24 hours a day.

How to safely pick mushrooms

Collect only what you know safely. From children, avoid tasting raw mushrooms while carefully guard not to do this or your descendants. Do not force children to eat mushroom dishes. I are safe for them difficult to digest, plus if the poisoning, children's organism is more vulnerable. Do not consume or old steamy mushrooms and dishes made ​​from "forest gifts" reheat and store for a long time.

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