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About All Souls Day and Halloween encounter with the ghosts of the past

About All Souls Day and Halloween encounter with the ghosts of the past The remarkable story of an uneasy homecoming directed by Petra Štindl prepares Švandovo theater in Prague. The game tells, among other things, how to meet and come to terms with the ghosts of the past that no longer interfere in our lives, will premiere on November 8th at the Great Hall: putting the best place in the period Souls, Souls, and Halloween, when the dead reportedly raised up from their graves ...

House without God in Švanďáku

In the role of Mark, a student bohoslovectví, who after his father's death, returns to his native village, will feature talented Tomas Červinek. New Member of the actors so u svand shall now starring first big premiere of the new season.

Underpinning it will be good scenario Doda Gombar, who got to the finals Cen Alfred Radok Award for 2008, and also a strong team of his acting mates who will stand with him on stage at his debut before an audience of Prague: David Punčochář and Robert Jaśkowy in rolls Mark's brother, Marek hurried, Tomáš Pavelka, alternating with Patrick Děrgelem, Miroslav Pear, Filip Čapek and Martin Short. role of the mother is played by guest Johanna Tesařová, and as Elizabeth, Mark's sister-in-law, appears on the scene Buršová Andrea, from this season reinforcements Smichov file.

The story about the search for a fixed point

"The house of God is not about finding a fixed point, which may be faith, family and a confident attitude. It's about our past that we always have to wait somewhere - even more so if we come to terms with it. About what shapes our identity and challenges. And about time, with whom he probably meets once each and every one of us: anyone ever leaves a family without the need to find your new sense of order, "says dramaturge Martina Kinská.Podle it without God's House" five-act play "- family drama with many comedic scenes, but in which there are also very fragile, dreamlike moments. On the question of whether God is in this game is responsible dramaturge shrewd: "Most of the characters hopes so. Indeed, on their or our opinion this does not depend ... "

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