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Life by Vaclav Havel

Václav Havel was filmed hundreds of hours of footage, but biographical film depicting the story of the great European Lifelong so far been lacking.

Colourful Havel's life - family, childhood, his love, drama and political activity - caught in sedmdesátiminutovém documentary filmmaker Andrea Sedláčková, which represents Havel in all life stages and roles, among others. Intellectual as a rebel, a lover of life and women and admirers of underground and rockers.

Portrait Havel was established as the first-ever international co-productions and television franouzsko Czech-German ARTE TV. In the Czech Republic will be from November 20 to see even in movie theaters.

Andrea Sedláčková accommodate film in an unusual way, his main narrator is directly Václav Havel, whose life viewer initially sees through unfamiliar footage and photographs from the period of Havel's childhood, military service, theatrical beginnings, and the Chartist presidential term. Essential is also the director's personal comment and the fact that the film speak no witnesses or historians. Build a film from six hundred hours of archival footage and recordings, hundreds of photographs and personal documents helped rešeršisté in Prague and Paris. Valuable personal documents provided to film the brother Ivan Havel and Dagmar Havel's second wife. A big help in searching for material i was Vaclav Havel Library. The director also drew Sedláčková of foreign and Czech lands yet unknown sources.

She met with Havel in his twenty-two years in the summer of 1989 at the famous cottage on Hrádeček just before his emigration to Paris and later filmed interview with Havel in his document of November 1989 According to her, it also fundamentally influenced the fate of her country. "First two-thirds of the film are full of dramatic twists and turns, already on the ground that the period of youth and aging is often more interesting than the period of collecting fruits and slowly disappearing from the scene. The position Havel during the revolution, presidential term, retirement topped shooting of the film Leaving, it was the hardest to film, because it is difficult to reflect on something that we still have a vivid memory, "says Sedláčková. As he says in the film itself Havel: "This is a unique story, has features of absurdity, fairy tales, tragedy and comedy."

The filmmakers are not trying to map by Havel's life history, but to create a portrait of Havel's film. Producers agree that life originated by Vaclav Havel also with the idea to reach younger audiences, and through cooperation with ARTE and foreign audiences. The plan and school screenings of the film or the Czech cents in New York at the unveiling of the bust of Vaclav Havel, the United States Congress in Washington.

Life by Vaclav Havel
will be broadcast on November 16 ARTE shown in prime time under the name of Vaclav Havel, un homme libre, from Thursday 20 November will film featuring exclusively Prague Lucerna cinema and Czech TV program classified document in December on the occasion of the anniversary of Havel's death . The document was co-produced by Czech Television, ARTE, Alegria Productions, negatives and Vaclav Havel Library, with the support of the French Centre national du cinéma and the State Fund of the Czech cinematography.

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