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Glaucoma today: he will not lose sight of

Glaucoma can not be cured, but its consequences is possible that treatment significantly reduced. The sooner the disease is detected, the lower the probability of loss of vision. The success of treatment is but one condition must be respected exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

At the beginning just drops

Treatment of glaucoma often begins with eye drops. Their effect is evident but only if the patient really dripping conscientiously. If you have been prescribed several types of drops, be sure to ask how long you have to wait for drops of different applications. In any case, take drops as long as advised by your doctor. Some of these drops are absorbed into your bloodstream, and therefore may cause side effects, not with his eyes seemingly nothing in common. To avoid these secondary manifestations, follow a few simple guidelines drip:
After application of the drug firmly close your eyes for one to two minutes.
Press the inner corner of the eyes, close the channel by which the liquid gets into the bloodstream.
Hold the corner pressed for one to two minutes.
All the unabsorbed liquid can be easily wiped off with a napkin or handkerchief.

When the drip is not enough

If the drops themselves do not reduce the value of your intraocular pressure to the desired level, comes the other treatment methods:
Orally administered drugs - most often involves medications containing carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, the enzyme that is responsible for the production of intraocular fluid. The administration of this drug can cause increased production of urine along with frequent urination.
Surgery - If the medication is not effective or tolerated by the patient, it is possible to opt for flexible solutions. Simpler procedures are carried out by laser, but it is usually also necessary for the operation to continue dripping. Greater intervention is called trabekuloktomie and is performed classical surgical technique. Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia and every one eye.

Take care of yourself

If you have increased pressure in the eye, do not forget to take care of themselves properly. Even if you are seeing any changes yet, remember that glaucoma is an incurable disease and its disregard you may soon become sight. In addition to regular visits to the eye doctor and do not overdo it fair drip coffee and observe the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

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