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Health experts writing Jana Johnová: The correct grip can be learned by drawing

The first month of school is almost over and the kids are starting to gradually get used to a school activity. For first-graders is then the most fundamental question of writing correct and healthy grip. Just from the fact that everything depends, therefore it is necessary in the beginning nothing to underestimate. We asked the expert to correct and healthy writing, Jane Johns on several of the most common questions. Maybe you just you deal with your child the same issue.

Since when can a child writing exercise?
Graphomotori child development starts from approximately two years. Targeted proper grounding not only possession, but the overall development graphomotorics should take place from four years of age. In pre-school age children often show an interest in writing. If a child wants to learn to write letters, we can teach him to write some letters (such as. Letters of his name), but I recommend learning only large block letters so. Printed characters. It is not appropriate to teach a child handwriting before starting school. Very suitable is, however, at this age with him to perform various exercises release.

When is it appropriate to maintain the child to hold the pencil correctly and how can it help you?
In the period of about 4 years is no longer important to hold your pens and child clearly show possession or misuse repair. Parents can help their child at hand before drawing release and later to writing. The right training can help a child holding a nácvikový adapter, which was developed in cooperation manufacturers of writing instruments and pediatricians. The child is so fun and learn spontaneously correct and healthy grip.

The child begins to write and complain of pain in the hand writing. How this situation do?
The cause of clerical spasm is usually a bad holding pens. If the child has difficulty with writing, the focus should be on the right holding pens. Pain or spasm may cause such. Substantiate the pen the fourth finger, but i bent index finger to be only lightly on the stationery. The correct grip can be supported if the child uses for writing or drawing pens with ergonomic possession (eg. Cool Tornado).

What pens are suitable for scholars?

In teaching writing is used in the preliminary stages pencil No. 2. K release exercises you can use markers, paint brushes and paint (tempera or watercolors). In school, students are to write with the pen switched gradually. The criterion is releasing their hand. If the stationery already pressuring can write with a pen. When buying recommended to choose stationery with ergonomic posture and body massage in the grip of the pen.

The child forms when writing pen too tightly. How is it possible to unlearn this habit?
The cause of spasmodic possession is in loose hand. It is necessary to include the release exercises, but before drawing or writing, the child should practice hand. Among the major health habits include proper holding pens. Try it may nácvikové adapters (eg. Mini Colours), developed in cooperation manufacturers of writing instruments and pediatricians. This is a special push-on adapters that are placed on the pen and the child is so fun and learn spontaneously correct and healthy grip. The child is also appropriate to insert the 4th and 5th finger a small paper ball, you all the time drawing the two fingers holding. The thumb, forefinger and middle finger grip the adapter that is deployed to fix.

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