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In the footsteps of the series Game of Thrones: Ireland, Croatia and Morocco

Game of Thrones is a major phenomenon for both readers and lovers of serials adaptations. One of the most valuable assets that attracts audiences around the world, the unique sights and scenery that underscore the uniqueness of the story.

Empire of Westeros is diverse and offers everything from rough ice surface for walls, full of traps across North, mild Řekotočí to exotic King's Landing. Until hard to believe that the beauty of these places, you can enjoy on your own. If you want to while away waiting for the next series, head to fall into places filming Game of Thrones. We offer a tip to the five states that allow you to enjoy a determination of kings, queens, beauty and power of the Knights eyes of the film crew.

Indomitable Ireland

I recall the series opening 15 minutes, when Eddard Stark shadows head deserter from the wall? The first of the great scenery did not take wait. Vast areas of the National Park Tollymore Forest Park offers viewers a first acquaintance with diverse Ireland. Hiking and cycling trails network here every year attracts many adventurers. If you need to relax, you can go on a tour to the Castle Ward, or Winterfell, the thousand-seat of Stark, who ruled the area stretching to the north from the neck to the wall. Another option in Ireland is a Victorian seaside resort of Newcastle, around which filmed scenes from Řekotočí. "For lovers of modern art is the Irish town of Newcastle unique experience thanks to more than a kilometer long promenade along the coast. Along the promenade there are many statues and elegant bridges across the river Shimna. The town is only a short walk to Mount Mourne, which allows for all kinds of outdoor activities, "recommends Michal Tuma, marketing director of travel agency Invia, adding that golf enthusiasts will take center Royal County Down Golf Club. It is won in the magazine Planet Golf "Best golf course outside the United States."

Ice Island

Windswept landscape of the walls and the deep glacial plains beyond. There are few places on the planet where you could look for a similar landscape. Filmmakers therefore clearly chose Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland dominant. Registered night patrols are located on the largest glacier in Europe on behalf of Svínafellsjökull. Surrounding glaciers provides a large space for active vacation. The glacier itself requires climbing experience and good physical condition, as the weather can be here in a couple of minutes to change radically. The entire Vatnajökull National Park occupies more than a tenth of the area of ​​the island. The national park you can admire besides the glaciers themselves also numerous caves and waterfalls, or a dense network of nature trails. It is also a frequent destination for local, thanks to the possibility of climbing for different levels of fitness. Park is located about 250 km from the capital, Reykjavik. The series Other areas in Iceland, this time plateaus, where he moved Mance Raider with its fighters, is near Lake Myvatn. Filming in these areas could take place only in the summer months because the nature and wilderness landscapes wants filmmakers other than in the tourist season.

Surprising Croatia

Croatia is a typical tourist destination for Europeans. Convenient location and comparable prices are the main reasons why thousands of Czechs spend each year on a trip to this sunny country. Croatia but you can also enjoy the eyes of the film crew. Movie King's Landing uses the perfect backdrop of Dubrovnik. Urban stone walls and sunny coast were the main reasons why the whole crew went to Dalmatia. Now here fits scenery capital of the Seven Kingdoms and House Lannister headquarters headed by the Iron Throne. Medieval city walls in perfect condition come the Game of Thrones authentic atmosphere, which helps numerous architectural elements. Surely you remember the desperate Daenerys who desires to save their kites from the tower Lovrjenac. In the vicinity of the tower itself is a lot of other places that an attentive viewer will recognize without much effort. "Into the site can be reached through organized searches. Just make sure that you book an early is because of the tower and surrounding them since filming enormous interest, "says Michal Tuma of travel agencies Invia. Thirteen kilometers from Dubrovnik are then located Trsteno arboretum, which took place many a debate between Sansou Stark and Margaery Tyrell. Another destination is the island of Lokrum, which illustrate the show mysterious city Qarth. The island offers little shade on the one hand due to the dense forest and by first class beaches. If you fancy a trip, head north to the split, which took place near the most memorable battles in the series.

Dramatic Morocco

Astapor, a town in the Gulf of slavers. There currently Daenerys Targaryen bought slave army - the so-called Immaculate - as one of his dragons. He then rattled off a fire directly into the face of evil usurper. This scene has become iconic among fans of the show for her filmmakers needed a place that would be worthy of this drama. They serve as a backdrop Moroccan coastal town of Essaouira, formerly called Mogador, which means small fortress surrounded by walls. It was massive sandstone walls, mysterious and dramatic cliffs coast with seagulls conjure up the right tension. In reality, however, is the town of Essaouira completely different, this is the calmest, most pleasant and supposedly the most beautiful place that you can visit in Morocco. Art fans here again in the many narrow streets can admire cozy galleries and shops in which they will mainly souvenirs made of wood and products of potters. Customers can create their own artifact in carving workshop. For lovers of water sports here then reliably expect waves. Essaouira is the nickname Windy City in Africa, so it is especially sought for windsurfing.

Moorish Spain

This year, the staff of the series Game of Thrones and moved to Spain. Part of scenes from the fifth series will in fact take place in the capital of Andalusia and Seville in town Osuna.Tato place thanks to the work of filmmakers transformed into the Kingdom of Dorne. Characters from the series will reportedly walk the premises of the University of Osuna or in the bullring. In Seville will be filming take place mainly in the Alcázar, which becomes the seat of Martelly. This palace is a characteristic example of Moorish architecture and together with the Cathedral and the Indian archives is listed on the world heritage UNESCO. Sevilla is a popular tourist destination especially for its unique and traditional atmosphere. Local people say that in this city stopped time, you know that right here in Spain, unchanged due to modern times. Now you can experience in Seville to the correct voltage at bullfighting and remain enchanted watching passionate flamenco. "Now autumn is ideal to visit Andalusia. Over the summer months in Seville is almost unbearable, in local streets temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius. In the fall, however, you can easily enjoy exploring the local sights and then go to the coast and swim in the still warmth of the sea, "said Michal Tuma of travel agencies Invia.

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