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Common reed flooding the USA

Common reed is very stout perennial grass growing up to 4 meters. And while in Europe against her, no one does, on the East Coast of the United States of America are fighting against the reed. Use of helicopters spraying herbicides, bulldozers tear tangled roots of plants. Common reed in America invasive species. As shown by the experiments, most efficient and most environmentally friendly herbicide is not chemistry, but the common goat.

People on the East Coast of common reed are unhappy. The grass that is on the American continent came probably from Europe, spreads rapidly and is growing coastal wetlands from New England to the Southeast USA. Reed displaces native species of grasses, changing the operation of the wetland and, last but not least, significantly changing the landscape of wetlands and people taking ocean views.

Researchers from Duke University studied what are the most effective and most environmentally friendly ways to reed general advice. The most common approach to date has been the use of chemical herbicides, but the result was unsatisfactory and usually only temporary.

Experiments in the wetlands showed that much cheaper and environmentally friendly is to embark on a reed ordinary goats.

"Controlled grazing reed goats or other farm animals has led to its decline by half in three weeks,"
says Brian R. Silliman, who along with Rachel Carson led the experiments.

The fenced area test in Maryland Silliman and colleagues tested how few hungry goats can easily turn the reeds. Horses and sheep in them that can efficiently Seconds. Salvation desktop, then quickly restores original plant structure.

"Goats are the benefits for all. Wetlands will return to their biodiversity, farmers can rent their goats for grazing, land managers to cheaply get rid of invasive plants. And people generally recover picturesque views of the water, "says Silliman." All of the people must accept that after a few weeks of the year will run around the wetland goats. To me it seems to be acceptable. "


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