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Half the operator ignores the Civil Code

The Civil Code is valid 9 months, but it looks like that particular virtual operators do not even know. dTest check the conditions more than 60 operators and followed links to legislation and penalties. Half of the operators in terms refers to an invalid regulation, more than half hidden in the terms of the contractual penalty.

Terms and Conditions operators tend to be long and confusing, in addition, operators often unilaterally changing. dTest new survey, if conditions refer to the correct laws and could not believe their eyes. "When we are in February verified the e-shops that were full of irrelevant links, it was relatively shortly after the entry into force of the new legislation and delay could understand," says Miloš gin, legal adviser dtest and adds: "After more than eight months, but the condition can be difficult to apologize. Business terms and costs vary operators very quickly, but their quality is poor. "It should be noted that the erroneous references are mostly in terms of the so-called. Virtual operators, who have quite a few customers.

Wrong link may not directly harm the customer, but to solve the problem with the contract or the complaint is unnecessary confusion. "Better than completely erroneous reference variant is when the trader indicates in general terms, that the contract is governed by the Civil Code. Although the customer does nothing to alleviate the situation, but at least it does not, "said Juniper. Incorrect instruction customer may be regarded as misleading business practice for the Czech Telecommunication Office may also grant několikamilionovou fine.

The second part of the survey focused on the penalty. You would be in the Constitutional Court had to hide in business conditions, but should be listed within the contract itself. "We had high expectations because of the decision of the Constitutional Court knows rather professional community. Czech Telecommunication Office him but in its decision-making practice, to the displeasure of operators applied, "says gin and explains:" More than half of the operators would have their fines in court was not successful because of them must inform transparently in the text of the main contract. "
The entire survey is available for download on the operators .

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