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Act since 2015. Saves installation of heat consumption meters, the relevant decree is missing

The amendment to the Act on Energy introduced from 1 January 2015 to homeowners on duty at all internal heat not only install the appropriate regulatory elements, but also equipment recording the supply of thermal energy. But in some cases it is not technically possible, there has been no corresponding implementing regulations. According to the Czech energy inspection is necessary to wait for the update. Office not only checks the presence of the device registering the supply of thermal energy.

According to the Energy Management Act (406/2000 Sb.) Must builder, the owner of the building or unit owners to equip the internal heating systems of buildings and registering devices regulating the supply of thermal energy to end users to the extent specified in an implementing regulation. Homeowners are faced with legal uncertainties, it therefore refers to the implementing legislation, the wording is not clear.

"Act on Energy worked with the relevant European regulations and also defines the need for the installation of instruments regulating and registering the supply of thermal energy to every radiator in the house. Better monitoring of heat consumption and a more accurate cost allocation is a European trend and logical response to rising energy prices, "says
Karel Vlach, CEO of ENBR, which among other things deals with the measurement of heat consumption." Unfortunately, the implementing legislation is still missing. With a little exaggeration, we are therefore not in a kind of legal vacuum, "describes the owners and installers Karel Vlach.

The obligation of building owners to install equipment recording the supply of thermal energy and the updating of the relevant implementing regulations also confirmed by Czech energy inspection. Czech Republic is also a specific large share of prefabricated houses, in which the measurement of heat complicated.

"The European Union in its regulations required to measure the energy supply set - billing - gauges. In the Czech Republic due to the characteristic panel construction of buildings measurements performed extensively only through indicators. This was taken into account in Directive 2012/27 / EU in the 9th article Because the current design supply equipment in the buildings technically does not allow direct measurement of heat removed and the whole thing would be very expensive, it can be installed as indicators of heating costs, "describes the current state of Petr Holoubek measurement of SEI. "In the framework of its activities are reviewed on an ongoing basis, whether the buildings are equipped with heat regulation under existing applicable regulations no. 194/2007 Sb. 193/2007 and Sb. issued amendments to the Act on Energy Management no. 177/2006 Sb. Currently, we are therefore in the same position as owners or builders of buildings, waiting for a new form of the above decrees, "adds Petr Holoubek. Gauges and indicators of heat consumption according to a statement SEI positive impact on energy savings. Consumption of heat and hot water thanks to their installation are reduced by up to 25%.

The wording of the relevant implementing rules but according to officials working. "Draft Regulation laying down the rules for, inter alia, heating, hot water supply and equipment requirements of internal heating equipment building devices that regulate the supply of thermal energy to final consumers was introduced on August 20 in the interdepartmental comment procedure, which will run until September 10, "said Filip Matys, a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Subsequently, in the decree will include comments and revised material will be discussed in the relevant committees of the Legislative Council of the Government.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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