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Kočárkyáda: Beauty and elegance on wheels, with input strollers allowed

Reminisce about their own childhood or to delve into the times of our grandmothers, visitors Six shopping center in Prague Ruzyne. In its rooms will be throughout the month unique collection of purely historical prams, but also those in which children still roamed in the 80s. On Saturday 18th October, the mothers, but also fathers can measure your strength and skill on a Kočárkyádě or hurdle races strollers.

The exhibition will be carriages World in OC Six passages on display until November 2nd. Admission is free.

Forty-five nostalgic shows rovers, which have undergone a transformation strollers for more than a hundred years. The oldest of them remember the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the youngest rode today pětatřicátníci. Strollers are according to the period from which they come, divided into fifteen epochs. Each of them is accompanied by contemporary children's photographs and interesting information about former lifestyle, fashion, toys and child rearing.

Among the exhibits you will find wheelbarrows, deep, sports, puppet buggies, historic double and triple, trikes, strollers for twins and even winter there are also coaches in the form of a sleigh or carriage of skis.

On his coming here all the family - the Lords will be interested in the technical sophistication of historical pieces, ladies will especially appreciate the elegance of these works of art on wheels. And the kids will be amazed at the variety and diversity, which boasted the first vehicles of their parents and grandparents. Whoever is in the past rather than looking forward, they can find for their current and future kids choose from the latest models of strollers brand Pompo, partner events.

And who is actually šikovnějším kočárkovým chauffeur - mom or dad? To prove it on Oct. 18, when for all the playful parents from 13.00 ready a large Kočárkyáda. Competitors must cope with a stroller long track 150 to 300 m and grapple with obstacles such as stairs or slalom between cones. The champion or champion of buggy paths await prices.

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