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Changes in Husak amendment can become hundreds of thousands of business owners and threatens sanctio

Autumn 2014 in the field of telecommunications probably be remembered as Black Friday for consumers. Members agreed because any proposed changes to the Electronic Communications Act, which caters exclusively to operators.

According to the expert Pavel blacks from independent companies Tarifomat changes significantly weaken consumer protection and significantly worsen the position of sole traders and companies. If adjustments finally pass through the senate and the president, spending and smaller traders can inflate the thousands. In addition, the Czech Republic threatens sanctions from the EU.

Comments expert

"The emergence of Husak's amendment, which was in its original form, a big step to protecting consumers and strengthening their rights, we are truly welcomed. We appreciated the effort to compare the position of the "big" operator and "small" consumers, at least in conclusion, prolongation or termination of contracts. We liked the option apart from the contract with a fine of a maximum amount fifths of the price of services, the need for timely inform the customer about the possibility to terminate the contract and the provisions regarding the conclusion of a distance contract. Currently the proposed changes because we perceive with displeasure, as the intention of some MPs consumer protection again significantly reduced.

The main negative impact is substantial worsening position traders and companies in telecoms. This change has significantly reduced their ability to respond flexibly to changes in the telecommunications market and thereby reduce their costs and increase service quality. Firms by newly already not be able to prematurely terminate the contract for a fixed term, they would not be alerted to the automatic renewal of contracts and operators should not obligation to inform the company in detail at the conclusion of distance contracts. too threatening to the plant operators to rewrite key sections in vague language so that they are not listed specific changes that the customer is entitled to cancel the contract. O what is a substantial change, by thus de facto ruled operator himself., if we have gone to great lengths could be many customers tied to a given operator forever.

Entities that do not fall into the categories of consumers by adopting amendments and felt a big financial hit. Invoices with payment of the remaining transactions should also tradesman could rise even hundreds of thousands of crowns.

For consumers and business customers, the proposed changes only negatives based fully meet the requirements of operators. There is a risk that operators will have to continue to maintain its services at a competitive level, which is of course reflected in the entire telecommunications market in the Czech Republic. Operators therefore welcomes the change of course, as evidenced by the attitude of some of them. Those proposed changes are mandated by now, although still not fully reconciled.

Another fundamental problem is the fact that the proposed changes are not limited to what has introduced an amendment Husak. They go much further and changes the older provisions. However, this also leads to conflict with EU directives, specifically the Universal Service Directive. It describes the possibility of terminating the contract without penalty in the event of changes or obligation to inform the customer of any changes in the contract. Thus, if the proposed changes passed through the Senate and the President of the Republic, the Czech Republic could threaten sanctions by the European Union. "

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