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Abortion pill: a doctor can not do without!

Tablets that can help you achieve an abortion up to the 49th day of pregnancy, more recently can also be used in the Czech Republic. Although it is thus made abortion for women organism undoubtedly friendly, and this method entails significant risks.

Although it might seem that with the help of abortion pills is easy and safe, it may not always be the case. Submission of this type of medication by a physician must always follow a series of tests that:
confirm pregnancy and determine its length,
exclude ectopic pregnancy,
detects blood group women
reveal any serious disorders of the liver, adrenal gland and kidney
excluding other possible contraindications (conditions in which medicine should not be used).

The doctors three times

Abortion by pills usually requires at least three visits to the doctor. In the first two consultations, the woman brought drugs of different active substances, the use of which should result in expulsion from the uterus . There is another control test:
confirm whether the pregnancy was actually finished (for method failure may occur only in 7.5% of cases);
determine whether the fetus from the uterus expelled all (if not, surgery is necessary, without which it could be seriously endangering the health of women).

Leave nothing to chance

One of the dangers of abortion, which de facto takes place at home, is heavy bleeding. This occurs in up to 5% of cases, and sometimes (about 1.4% of women) even requires immediate professional treatment. For this reason, the woman undergoing abortion with the help of tablets should not be too distant from the medical establishment, which prescribed the medication. There should also have important contacts, ie who to call and where to appear in the event of problems.

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