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Prague towers

Prague towers The ninth edition of a daylong adventure games for children and adults Prague towers will take place on March 20, this time the map of the 1923rd

In Prague, thousands of towers, forming a unique face of the city. In comparison to the length of human life many things to remember, looking down on us from above, controlling our every move. The towers have their own history and their stories, they can be with their children explore.

The game is about Prague's towers. The towers are all around us. Just go through the Paris streets, river bank embankment, stop for us Syneks Brothers or in the Copenhagen street. Most tower on a building but I counted at primary school Lyčkovo us. Karlin. There certainly through the 20th Lanterns, lanterns with finial, characters Prague towns. Just on the character of the Lesser is 5 towers. Have you noticed that even the Prague lanterns to have good ventilation turret? The towers are also on manhole covers and metal fifty crowns.

Start is by tradition the courtyard of the New Town Hall. In the game you will discover new views of the city and climb lots and lots of stairs. Challenges await you on sites and some secret checks nezakreslených the map.

Where will you go? ... Tower of New Town Hall, Strahov Library, Loreta, Botanical Garden, tower church. Anthony at Strossmayer Square, Tower Svatomikulášské municipal belfry, Lesser Town Bridge Tower, St. Nicholas Tower Hussite Church in Vinohrady, Klementinum, beer tasting in the pub U Fleků Governor's Summer Palace, the church tower Cyril and Methodius in Karlin, and many others, let yourself be surprised ...

At the start, everyone will start card allowing entrances to the buildings, a map of Prague with marked habitat, plus a description of habitats and tasks. As a reward before graduation tourist card with a motif of Prague's towers during the game and beer tasting in the brewery U Fleků. You choose a strategy habitat can circumvent in any order of the trail on foot, by bicycle or public transport.

For more information, search on the Prague věž .

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