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Watercolors, caricatures and hats. Exhibition of life Daniela Karasová.

Scenic pictures from trips around the world - from mountaintops and other natural beauties. And even images of vintage car. All this shows a collection of brightly colored pictures - watercolors. Under the title "From My Life" is in Palace YMCA exposes Daniela Karasová, energetic art curator and graphic designer.

Daniela Karasová - personality with many activities and interests all his life engaged in the design and beauty. In addition to the images represents the passage of the Palace of the YMCA and its other "love life": uniquely decorated hats or berets and caricatures of celebrities.

The exhibition "From My Life" Daniela Karasová will run from March 11 until May 11, will be open every day from 8 to 21 hours. Entry is free to the public.

Even in his seventy years has Karasová Daniela, an important art historian, art theorist and graphic still have many hobbies and interests. He still teaches the history of art and craft of architecture at the University of Chemical Technology, she is working as curator in the Museum of Decorative Arts, writes books on furniture design and historical cars traveling around the world. Moreover, it is a passionate skier who once donated a unique sports event - a ballet on skis. Many enterprises also winter ski mountaineering tours. "It's a love thing - to do things that humans enjoy, and please them as well as others," says the nice lady. He adds that he wants to have a ride with the historic MG sports veteran Swiss mountain pass.

The exhibition of the colorful life Daniela Karasová just in Palace YMCA is not accidental. With this organization, the author combines and other activities. At the YMCA, the largest and oldest youth organization in the world, organized together with her ​​husband many years, ski courses, which have undergone hundreds of children. "The exhibition of pictures and other artifacts Daniela Karasová will be a celebration of attractive personality and her ymkařsky" equilateral triangle "of life, in which the harmonious development soul, mind and body is joyfully obvious value, "says Peter Otřísalová, director of the Palace YMCA.

"The YMCA connects me and the year 1968, when we started with release conditions. I left then right to represent the Republic at the YMCA at an international conference in Canada. It was almost to the occupation and I was the only member of the Czech team returned. I was naive. I thought that we defend, it will not let the freedom to marry, "says
Karasová. From Canada, then he got an interesting job offer. Permission to leave her but the police refused, so they do not look abroad next summer.

YMCA Palace, where the exhibition takes place, a building built in the center of Prague in the style of modern classicism. It is still a place where intensive sports and which also hosts cultural events. In this house at a good address also like to rent offices by various companies and organizations. YMCA itself in the country particularly expanded in the twenties of the last century and has a glorious tradition here, supported her, among other things, the first Czechoslovak president TG Masaryk along with his daughter Alice.

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