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Prague Zoo: Maruska and Slavek are parents again

Popular few amphibious hippos in Prague Zoo gave birth to her third baby. Small male was born on January 28 and Prague Zoo and celebrating another success in breeding. For mussel with Maruska's third reared their young, first time in a new hippo pavilion, which opened in 2013.

On Friday, February 19 Maruska was with the baby for the first time dropped to exposure and after a while they were joined by father. Zoo visitors can only see the whole family together hippopotamus.

"Sixteen female Maruska gave birth to a baby during the night in the parking booth with a special pool. Department of females before birth follows the situation in the wild, where females before birth the baby leaves the band and the young are born in the shallows along the shore. Breast-feeding is under water and the mother of the first few days of water, never leave until the young become strong. During this time, young people are very anxiously watches, helps him keep going and filmed so that the cub as easily got to the teats. Gestation lasts for hippos compared to other comparably large animals only 8 months. The newborn cub weighs about 35-45 kg, at the age of two weeks, when a female joins him back to the herd, he weighs twice as much, "said curator Barbara Dobiášová.

The Prague zoo keepers Maruska teamed up with the baby and his father Slavek three weeks after the birth. The first went to the exhibition Maruska, who followed curious cub. Small male was afraid of anything and after a while enthusiastically followed her mother into the big pool. From the adjacent booth he had watched family and Slavek. After a while Maruska with the baby climbed ashore, even through the barriers to greet Slavek and went back into the water. Then breeders launched a male who stood awkwardly for a while on the bank and watched the family. His entry into the water prevented Maruska, who your child carefully guarded and watched the father will behave. Mussels in the water a little worried, but after some time he ventured to join the family.

Given that the connection hippo family running smoothly, the Pavilion since Feb. 20 open for visitors. Here you can see how cute baby hippo obviously worked, as well as his parents. Cub but is still very small, so hippos remain open and the entrance to the base, where they can leave if necessary.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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