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A documentary about the Theatre Cellar heading into theaters in May

Cellar Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world is the name of the new Czech documentary, which in May will head to the Czech and Moravian cinemas. It has already been an incredible 45 years since the birth of the phenomenon of Czech theater and cultural scene Cellar Theatre.

Clusters addressing generation of its peculiar humor and poetic, they founded fourteen when David Vavra and Milan Šteindler in the basement grandmother first one. This, as well as a number of other more or less known, but always interesting, creative and funny moments from a long history file reminds feature documentary film director Olga Dabrowska and producer Peter Goats and Ivo Short. Documentary that explores the mysterious mystery, which is emblazoned across sklepácké association, will have a gala premiere on May 4 at Prague's Lucerna. In the preview of the film will be shown at the Festival Finale Plzen.

"It is a love story ...,"
says film director Olga Dabrowska and adds: "... but with the small difference that this time the two men met, but about a hundred and fifty. Well, what caused it for the uproar, we are experiencing today. "This party, which together created a timeless poetry and hit numerous artistic disciplines, was originally except Theatre Cellar also pantomimic file Mimoza, recitation group Forward about Lumir Tucek, Fine Kolotoč Čestmíra Suška i ballet unit Cramp with remarkable roles brothers Michael and Simon Caban.

In gray and frustrating period of normalization with the broad community with the Theatre Cellar headed nevyhranila anti-establishment legibly ostensible political stance or transition into a pure underground, but creative freedom, the peculiar poetics, playfulness, humor (often absurd) or artistic originality. His role was decisive ways of moving individual actors, their typical diction, stock phrases and language neoplasms. All this has created an unmistakable timeless creative canon mainly due Cellar Theatre survived alive to this day and has become one of the pillars of Czech culture of the past 40 years. Without him it would not Czech soda or Šumných cities.

Of those who appear in the film The Secret Theatre Cellar or Manual to save the world discovers mention the founding fathers and other significant personalities: David Vavra, Milan Šteindler, Tomas Hanak, Tomáš Vorel Jiří Fero Burda, Ondrej Trojan, Vaclav Marhoul, Eva Holubová, Lenka Vychodilova, Tereza Kucerova, Jana Hanáková and many others. In the document, except for the actors act well as scientific capacity of various disciplines, such as theater theorist John Dvorak, a philosopher or psychologist Erazim Kohak Radek Ptacek.

The idea of ​​a document about the phenomenon Cellar Theatre was born in the head producer Ivo Krátkého the end of 2011, which invited the cooperation screenwriter and director Olga Dabrowska. The second of producers Peter Koza, was not afraid and contacted a meter higher David Vavra: "The US, the creator troufalce, he took this idea very friendly and one winter evening before a performance of the legendary Pavilions to find us a moment. A decision was made! "

The film was co-produced Bio Art Production Ivo Short and Peter Goats and Czech Television. Director and screenwriter is Olga Dabrowska, behind the camera Divis Marek, cut to his credit Jakub Voves and the music was composed by Ivan Acher, sound engineer was George Klenka. Distributor of the film's Bio Art Production. The emergence of film supported by the State Cinematography Fund.

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