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World airports testing electrobuses and cars without driver

The share of aviation and airport operations in line with global trends rapidly increasing. Airports aware of their environmental impact and try to balance the negative aspects of aviation procurement of environmentally friendly devices.

Increasingly in operation at airports used mainly by electric vehicles. Passengers take you to the airport electrobuses, even without a driver, upon arrival at the home rozvezeme elektrotaxíky and an apron, meanwhile, chop the staff needed for electric scooters.

The first airport in Amsterdam - the cleanest airport in Europe

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport procured 167 electric Tesla, which serve as taxis. As a result, it ranked among the cleanest airport in the world. A considerable investment for the purchase of electric vehicles in the Netherlands facilitate highly competitive grant. "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is trying to be really friendly. Some time ago, for example, acquired the 35 battery and swapped all the lighting for LED, "says Jan magnesium from the magazine

Second Sydney airport - with the longest-range electric bus

Australian international airports tested for transporting passengers with special electrobus distance of up to 250 kilometers on a single charge. Sydney airport according to a press release additionally plans over the coming years restructure its entire fleet of buses for electrobuses.

Third airport in Barcelona - the electric car without a driver

Spanish airport plans to transport passengers autonomous electric vehicles without drivers having to copy the way the Barcelona metro lines. Up to twelve-electric controlled by special software and remind buses transporting passengers from the airport gate, for example, in aircraft. Rover travels at a speed about twenty kilometers per hour and thanks to the electric motor is almost inaudible.

4. In the Czech Republic, played by Airport Brno

The second largest airport in the Czech Republic has been using to move employees around the airport vehicles with an electric motor. The public also has the option to free airport recharge your electric car, solar station illuminates Ekolamp and passengers can charge their devices in ChargeBoxu.

Charges mainly Tesla

In a significant shift to ecological operation helps Brno Airport energy company E.ON. "Cooperation has been running since 2011 and is constantly increasing. We lent Airport Brno two electric cars, scooters and scooter four electric cars. Thanks to a public airport charging station can also jointly develop environmentally friendly transport in the South Region, "says Peter Blunt cooperation of E.ON Czech Republic.
Citizens of Brno and visitors from Brno is right in front of the departure hall available public charging stations. Since its commissioning consumed while charging their customers, an electric 5,070 kWh, which would be enough for year-round operation of two ordinary Czech households. "Lately, the charging station used mainly owners of luxury car Tesla. Only rarely is there now to see the car of another brand. Previously, it was vice versa, "describes the current trend of Martin Vild marketing department Brno Airport.

Free lighting up to 16 hours

At once a month in the airport area of ​​electric vehicles hundreds of kilometers. The actual electric Smart ED - also used for distribution of air shipments in the city of Brno - traveled around 13,000 kilometers, and thus saved roughly 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions. "The operation of vehicles with electric drive, we proved very successful, cost is highly competitive and it is one of the steps that lead us to becoming energy efficient functioning airport, "says Martin Vild. Airports gradually added to the illumination of solar lamp that obtains energy for night operation of photovoltaic panels and can free shine up to 16 hours. Energy-saving equipment is also used by passengers - in the departure lounge at their disposal ChargeBox. Environmental locker where you can free recharge your mobile phone, camcorder or camera, have been used by more than 3,000 people.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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