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Home automation is not the domain of the rich

Smart home that saves energy and money gaining in popularity Czech society. Home automation can indeed save a lot of worries, provides security and saves costs. Current trends also show that these systems no longer belong only to stately mansions, but also find a place in a normal household.

Home automation systems currently used by more than a quarter of Americans in Western Europe is already 40% of new homes ready for automation. Even in the Czech Republic, people are gradually getting used to the new possibilities that automation brings. Experts agree that Czech consumers is most desirable windows, doors, appliances and thermostats. Automated technology also increasingly using parents with small children.

According to experts, in addition Czechs are increasingly investing in home automation has not only with regard to comfort, the main reason is safety in particular families, followed by saving energy and money. Among the more popular and efficient security measures are currently automation shielding technology involving remote control blinds. "Every year we register an increase in demand for remote control of blinds and shutters a few percent. Automatic control of blinds and shutters in fact can save up to 10% on heating costs, which realizes more and more people, "said Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Automated household as winter comes on and the heat in summer, by contrast, does not overheat. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the system automatically responds to the current development of the weather. Blinds will start when the temperature inside the house exceeds the automatically set temperature and prevent overheating of the interior. Air conditioning and no longer needed. In winter, they help with insulation blinds again. "When the outside temperature is low with shutters close automatically create the windows and heat insulation, which prevents unnecessary heat loss, which is advantageous for example to use even at low night temperatures. When the winter sun, shutters will pull back and help heat up the room a few degrees, "said Lubomír Valenta.

Automated home can conserve energy and otherwise. At a time when household members are not at home, the system switches off appliances that do not need continuous power, thereby saving additional funding for energy. The system can also control heating and lighting intensity. Control device can be remotely, for example from the office.

In addition to energy savings and greater comfort for the people of automation and greater safety. This ensures, for example, automatically controlled entrance gates and garage doors. Door or gate open from the comfort of the car, thanks to an automatic system do it all with a single remote control button. You also have control over whom to let into the house. Important safety feature, according to experts also shutters. Blinds is not only protects from prying eyes outside the security gates springs holding the slats in one plane also prevents unwanted mechanical lift. "The current trend is to install shutters connected to the central system. Before leaving on vacation can be programmed for automatic extraction and starting blinds. Any thief so bothered that the house is empty, "said Valenta.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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