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Movies and Marguerite Three memories are the most nominations for the Cesar Award

Movies and Marguerite Three memories are the most nominations for the Cesar Award Marguerite film director Xavier Giannoli, filmed in the Czech coproduction, has 11 nominations for the French Cesar award, including a nomination for the Czech architect Martin Kurel. The same number of nominations, the film has three memories director Arnaud Desplechin. Both films said Artcam in Czech cinemas in 2015.

Costume drama Marguerite "the best fake singer in the world" by director Giannoli spun French-Czech crew in Prague, was one of the most successful domestic titles in France. His achievements include participation at the Venice Film Festival and the film was also one of five films, of which France chose its candidate for the Oscar.
The Czech cinemas should Marguerite premiere 24. 9. 2015.

Period costume drama set in the early 20's was established with the participation of Czech co-production (Sirena Film, producer Artemio Benki) and largely filmed in the Czech locations, such as at Prague's Vinohrady Theater, Law Faculty, outside Prague, then to lock Tides or Brno Mahen theater. The visual aspect of the film was in charge of the architect Martin Kurel, who has to his credit two nominations for the Czech Lion for his film Three Seasons in Hell (2009) and Postel (1998) and also took part in projects and Micimutr or on the television series Czech century.

About the film

Paris of the twenties. Marguerite Dumont is a rich woman, a lover of music and opera. For years now regularly sings for his guests. But he sings desperately false and nobody never told her the truth. Everything becomes complicated when he decides to sing in front of a real audience at the Paris Opera. The story is loosely inspired by the fate of American Florence Foster Jenkins, an opera singer known as "Queen of the racket," which in the 40s of last century, famous for its terrible voice.

The same number as Marguerite, a 11 nominations at the César, also won retro romance Arnaud Desplechin three memories that came to Czech cinemas on December 3, 2015.

About the film

Romantic love story about the difficulties of adolescence and first loves with the charismatic Mathieu Amalric in the lead role made ​​acclaimed French director Arnaud Desplechin, who is known in our country due to its gently ironic, typically French films about relationships, family and the times in which we live (A Christmas Carol, kings and Queen, learning or re My sex life, Jimmy P., and others).
In his latest film, which premiered at Cannes, won the popular French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays the main character of Paul. Paul flashbacks recalls the turbulent days of my childhood and youth.
He remembers his disturbed mother and strict father, a school for an adventurous journey behind the Iron Curtain, but especially remembers Esther, his true love ...
In the central roles of the young Paul and Esther introduced new stars of French cinema Quentin Dolmaire and Lou Roy-Lecollinet.

The film, which in addition to performances excels in its visual aspect, won at Cannes 2015 in the Directors' Fortnight section SCAD prize awarded by French filmmakers. Czech premiered in late September Ostrava, where he initiated the international film festival Ostrava Camera Eye in 2015, and where the cameraman shot Lubtchansky Irina won the main festival prize.

Prizes will be handed César February 26, 2016 in Paris.

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