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Interest in the red wine in the Czech Republic grows. Merlot has become popular.

Interest in the red wine in the Czech Republic is growing. One of the most popular varieties became Merlot by winemakers whose production since 2010 almost tripled. For example, according to the latest statistics Winery Blatel, which is the largest domestic growers of that variety, last year sold 17% more wine than in 2014, and growth is expected this year.

Although white wine in comparison to red among the Czechs in demand, overall growing interest as well as domestic red wines. "In comparison with sales varieties of Pinot Blanc last year we sold about 50% Merlot," said Jitka Pomykalová, commercial director of the winery. "Although not interested Czech red wines comparable to white wines, compared with five years ago, was driven Merlot sales almost tripled. After Pinot Blanc and Muller-Thurgau is our third best selling wine, "she added Pomykalová.

Now blue variety Merlot requires very specific growing conditions. Due to the late ripening Merlot is in fact growing more demanding, needs the warmest vineyard. "From our earliest planting of Merlot discouraged because Czech climatic conditions are not ideal for him. In 2003, however, we harvested the first variety and since then Merlot receives various awards. This most recent Gold Medal Grand Prix Austerlitz for the Merlot grape selection and Merlot rosé late harvest and a bronze medal at the same competition for claret Merlot late harvest, "presented the successes of last year Jitka Pomykalová.

In the Czech Republic Merlot is grown on an area of ​​over 75 hectares. The main areas of production include Mikulovsko, Velkopavlovická or Slovacko, which can provide a relatively vines suitable climatic conditions. The steward Merlot is grown on a vineyard Sails, where he was in the early 17th century vineyard and Jan Amos Comenius.

And what is your favorite brand of wine, dear readers?

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