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On Novomlýnské reservoirs thousands of wintering geese, among them rare barnacle goose

Dame reservoirs under Palava is a traditional wintering area of ​​northern species of geese. These days, many ornithologists counted about 20,000. "In their flocks, we found four rare red-breasted goose, Barnacle Goose, two and even one Brant," informs Jiri Safranek of the Moravian Ornithological Society.

Every winter with us thousands of wintering geese and geese běločelých field, which nested in the tundra of the Arctic Circle. Now they are on the wintering grounds in Central and Western Europe. Nesting geese wintering in southern Europe and north Africa, but at this time is already coming back to us on their nesting places.

"Greater white-fronted goose and the bean goose are almost as large as our large goose. Unlike her, adults are birds of a different color beak and head,"
explains Jiri Safranek. "Geese field have a beak at the head of a yellow and in front of black. Geese fronted the slightly smaller and adult birds are highly visible white spot above the beak and darker head and neck. Both Nordic geese create a common flock. a flight fronted geese know well by black spots on the belly. "

Very rarely in flocks of geese and běločelých field also appear very rare lesser white-fronted goose. It is a small goose, which has a large white patch extending from the beak across his forehead to behind the eye. Around the eye also has a yellow circle. The Czech Republic has so far been found only about 20 times. This year, only one was found.

Among the thousands of Nordic geese rarely occur and the Barnacle Goose, red-breasted goose and only very rarely and Brant. In recent days, ornithologists have been found in southern Moravia in Novomlynské tanks all three types bernešek. Red-breasted goose were found with four, two and one Barnacle Goose Brant. Brant was in the Czech Republic found only 14 times, and it is therefore our most valuable Goose.

Under rare Barnacle has now issued bird watchers from across the country. They hope that at least some glimpse of bernešek, or precious little goose. Bird watching, birdwatching, or, to our country becoming a popular hobby nature lovers. In Western Europe and in the USA they engaged millions of people.

"Nordic geese remain with us until the end of February or the first half of March, when they travel back north to their nesting grounds in the Arctic Circle," said

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