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Juraj Herz returned to Jezerkou with chilling comedy Heirs

Juraj Herz returned to Jezerkou with chilling comedy Heirs Divadlo na Jezerce handing out its viewers after the new year, another comic title. Contemporary French Heirs game immediately after its launch in Paris became a great theatrical hit. Prague Nusle scene for her rehearse acclaimed director Juraj Herz.

"It is not an ordinary game, it's a black comedy, and those I love," he says about the upcoming novelty Juraj Herz - the original creator, who has his film credits such images as Oil Lamps Porcelain Girls, cremator or Vampire from Ferat. Now Juraj Herz returned to Jezerkou third time, after successful productions "Kerosene Lamps" and "A glass of sherry" zinscenuje chilling comedy Alain Krief "Heirs".

"We read together about twenty-five texts, but after the first reading of a comedy Heirs me Juraj phoned with a question, which can begin to try," said
Principal Jezerkou Jan Hrušínský. "The game is great acting opportunities and I am delighted that our troupe for the first time Miroslav enter Etzler, "he added. The cast is completed Teresa Nemcova, Christina Hrušínský Martin Sitta, Martina Hudečková and others.

The game begins with the fact that the heirs will meet at the apartment of the late photographer Pascal. A mourning begins to uncover the various mysteries. As it seems, the last will does not exist, and so the family goes to unscrupulous looting because everyone wants to inherit! And when the girlfriend of the deceased except logs still mistress, and it comes instalatérka repair the gas boiler starts going really gets tough.

Heirs of the premiere introduces the audience to the theater Jezerce directed by Juraj Herz March 17, 2016.

Juraj Herz (* September 4, 1934 Juh)
director, screenwriter and actor

Herz creation is one of the Czech New Wave of the 60s. Among the best-known films include the Oscar JH designed frame cremator, television film Sweet games last summer, for which he won a Golden Nymph and the ITF Grand Prix Monte Carlo, drama Kerosene lamps, listed on the Cannes FF. For his lifelong work also received the 2009 Czech Lion. In 2010, the festival in Karlovy Vary honored with a Crystal Globe for his longtime artistic contribution to world cinema.

Source: tz DnJ

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