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Women sex tuned pleasant music, a man won a sports game

Women sex tuned pleasant music, a man won a sports game Understanding sex life is important for every relationship. However, there are considerable differences in sexual behavior between men and women. The latest studies show that the sex drive of women greatly affects the music on male libido in turn has the effect of watching a sports game. Sport also has a positive impact, according to experts on sexual desire in both sexes. Sporting couples have had 30% more sex and 26% more orgasms.

The most recent study at the University of Utah engaged in researching sexual behavior of men and women and their differing sexual appetites shows that a woman's sexual desire increases significantly great music and atmosphere. Male sexual libido, according to research significantly influences the sport again. "The study confirmed that men pursuing major sporting events hormone levels will rise by 20% if they win their favorite team," said Adam fundamental research Durčák (Sex shop Pink Elephant).

However, according to experts Sport plays an important role in the sexual behavior of women. Compared with men who wash out of endorphins just watching sports, women prefer physical sports. A recent study examining female athletes also shows that most women increases testosterone levels, which can run around for the long haul.

Experts agree that the sport has a positive effect on sexual desire in both sexes. The exercises are in fact increasing libido regardless of gender. This is confirmed by sexology surveys, according to which couples are sporting 30% more sex and 26% more orgasms. Sexual desire while during the day can go up and down in different ways. The cause of this variation may be for example, view of attractive person at any hour, since it immediately starts endorphins and greater blood flow to the sexual organs. ¨

Studies in women have also shown an increasing testosterone levels when they expect meeting with her ​​partner. "Sexual libido in women also increases through petting and touches. For these purposes manufactured as various feathers vibrating gloves or minivibrátory stimulating the clitoris, "said Adam Durčák.

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