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Sexual aids for disabled? There ..

Although the legality of sexual assistants for people with physical or mental disabilities in the Czech Republic is still only under discussion since the end of last year, the Czech Republic has officially five sexual assistants that can help handicapped professionally. In addition, the market also has a number of tools that can at least partially be helped to develop satisfying and sexual life of people with illness or after an accident.

Manufacturers of sex toys increasingly thinks of this, hitherto neglected group of customers. On the shelves of sex shops and emerged with a specially adapted vibrators that there is no need to hold in their hands. Nevertheless, customers still must rely more on their own creativity.

Thanks to people in the Czech Republic and abroad are still openly talking about a long time taboo sexual needs of the handicapped, ceases topic surrounding silence. In recent years, he published a series of books about the sex lives of people with physical and mental handicaps talk openly. Increasingly, experts also offers specific recommendations to stimulate and provide pleasure for people reliant on the other. Erotic industry to changes in society also responded and began to invent sexual aids that exploits everyone.

"Several manufacturers have introduced, for example, vibrators, which are lighter and easier to hold in hand and people with poor grip. The company holds more on practicality, ease of maintenance facilities and their sensitivity. For people who are long term after the accident or suffering from some diseases, it may be because of perception of pulses much stronger. Classic sex toys with vibrating very intense for them so they can be painful or totally unusable, "said Adam Durčák from the sex shop Pink Elephant.

Although retailers experienced new trends in the direction of the erotic industry, and greater respect for the needs of different customer groups, the majority of devices suitable for the disabled yet there is more chance. "This is true for a number of special support pillow Liberator. Utility was originally designed only to diversify the sexual life and sado-flesh games proved to be a great help for people with disabilities. Provides the necessary support during sex or masturbation, and many customers uses it for normal positioning, "said Adam Durčák that while it is rather an experienced staff of business, to advise that the devices could be used for a specific customer with regard to his handicap.

Among the most common sexual aids for the disabled, which you can buy in the country, include prostate stimulator, suitable for men unable to achieve an erection. Abroad, then celebrated achievements Autoblow device that allows men to masturbate without hands. For women who limited flexibility does not reach up to the crotch, there are extended vibrators. Those who aid hold in their hands, they can try a vibrating underwear. In some countries, however, it can take even such things as special aid Humpus you interested only placed in the lower abdomen. The actual masturbation device no longer take care of itself.

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