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Six tips to help in choosing the next holiday nesáhnout

Sights or the sea? You selected leave and you can not decide? Here are a few tips that will tell a lot. Take them into account, and enjoy free time according to their wishes.

Consider your interests first

Decide what you would like to leave the most attention. Are you tempted by adrenaline, you little tease your body and burn some calories? There are many places where you can run a modern sports such as rafting and skydiving or mountain hiking. Conversely, if you ignite the historians, so you certainly will like Rome or Egypt. If you are traveling with children, plan an adventure in tents.

2. Check passport

If you move around the European Union will be to cross the border only need an identity card. For the exotic but can go only with a valid passport - that's why it sufficiently in advance check. Remember also that some countries require that a passport pay even half a year after the return from holiday. To selected countries in turn must have secured a visa - before ordering air tickets, be sure to ask about them in time.

3. Find kinds of vaccinations

In some countries, exotic Europeans lurking danger of serious, life-threatening infections. Before you head to your destination, visit the vaccination center, or at least on the Internet to see if you should get inoculated for example against yellow fever or Japanese encephalitis.

4. Check the safety

If you are unsure if this is where you are going, safe for foreigners, do not just information in guidebooks. Check the official government statements about the safety of travel to that country, or contact the embassy. More information can also be read here (MZ CR) and also here (ERC poj.).

5. Verify price

Each vacation comes at a price. Sometimes it's expensive to ship to your destination, but your own residence may be due to the local prices go quite cheaply. Elsewhere, it is exactly the opposite. Before leaving, therefore, determine the prices of food, hotels, leisure activities and transport, whether you need it snaps bill from the restaurant.

Dust the sixth basic phrases

English is spoken almost everywhere. If you feel comfortable when you speak a foreign language, you have forgotten or do not make myself understood, go to the crash. Or at least Provide a pocket dictionary with basic phrases.

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