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Czech film will be seen at this year's Berlinale

Czech film will be seen at this year's Berlinale The official program of the International Film Festival Berlinale (11 to 21 second 2016), three were selected Czech films and co-production market will present the Czech project. Festival partner and the official representative of Czech cinematography at this year's Berlinale again Czech Film Center.

Until the beginning of the 66th edition of the Berlinale remain for several weeks. Festival unveils its program gradually, but now it is clear Czech participation. The official program were selected three films: I, Olga Hepnarová (Panorama) Never alone (Forum), and not even in a dream! (Generation 14+).

Prestigious Panorama section of the festival this year in their program I chose drama, Olga Hepnarová screenwriting-directing duo Thomas and Peter Weinreb everyone that originated in the quadripartite co-production (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, France). The filmmakers chose for her debut controversial topic - the true story of Czech murderess who came in 1975 with us last death penalty.

"The most we fought with skepticism. We had to constantly defend, we do not want a film about a mass murderer, but an existential drama. We had to repeat that we are not a sensation that a serial killer are not going to adore, but we are concerned about the view of one man and his unsettled fate, "says
Peter anyone." We wanted to express the universal, we wanted the film to be able to live and He understood the man from Latin America from Europe or Asia, "he added.

Never alone Petr Vaclav produced Mimesis The film will be shown in the festival's most progressive section of the Forum. In the film, which reflects the oppressive atmosphere of our time, he was featured in addition to well-known actors Lenka Vlasáková and Karel Roden and last year's winner of the Czech Lion for her role in the film Way Out, Klaudii Dudová.

"Emotionally and opinions are very unincorporated creatures. And this lack of independence leads to loneliness, lack of appreciation, sadness, frustration ... And there is anxiety, if not outright anger. The story takes place in our current post-industrial Europe, caught unawares by unemployment and terrorism. And from the resulting often irrational fear of the future, of losing one's identity and the general discontent. A desire for revenge, "says Petr Vaclav.

Film Petra Oukropec not dream!, Which originated in the production company Negative, was selected program designed to films for children and youth, the competition section Generation 14+. Petr Oukropec, known mainly as a producer, as a director focusing on films for young audiences. His debut Blue Tiger of 2012 enjoyed success both at international festivals, but also in international distribution.

"I want to continue to develop productions for children and seek new and contemporary ways of telling stories. Children's and family film had a great tradition in our country, which was interrupted for various reasons. We have something to build on, I know it makes sense, and that there is an international audience and the application of similar films. As a producer, I would like to bring to the formation of children and talented new filmmakers, "says
Peter Oukropec.

The festival is held regularly in Berlin and Co-production Market Berlinale Co-Production Market (14th-16th 2nd 2016), the official partner of this year and the Czech Film Center. This will be in Berlin to a greater extent present the Czech Republic as a potential co-production partner.

All Czech films at the Berlinale as well as a project for the co-production market, supported by the State Fund for Cinematography.

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