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Brno Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany Sharon ran the golden flute

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany Sharon ran the golden flute Jubilee Brno Philharmonic this week to welcome in the evening called Eastern flute, two important guests. Under the baton of Thomas Netopil, which belongs to the world conducting tip, you will hear a flute concerto The Deceitful Face of Hope and of Despair (seductive face of hope and despair), one of the most important contemporary composers Sofia Gubaidulina.

Soloist of the evening will be an Israeli flutist Sharon ran for playing the flute from 24-karat gold, alto and bass flute.

"Ran the song was written on peace and the fact that a flute concerto sounds precisely in its submission, give this version a hallmark of authenticity as well as an extraordinary event," adds
the director of the Brno Philharmonic Marie Kučerová.

In the second half of the evening will sound Song of the Earth by Gustav Mahler - Symphony inward on texts from the collection of Chinese flute. Singing party will include Jana Sýkorová alto and tenor Kor-Jan Dusseljee. "Mahler's music is so strong, colorful, grandiose and yet visceral, that really will appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners," Thomas looks forward Netopil.

The concert will be presented on 14 and 15 January at 19.30 hours at the Janáček Theatre.

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra invites the jubilee 60th season orchestral Symphony key monuments of the 19th and 20th centuries - Berlioz, Mahler, Strauss and Shostakovich - in conjunction with modern music world elite composers (Lutosławski, Schnittke, Gubaidulina, Widmann). Celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation is not only a retrospective view, but also a confirmation of the new modern dramaturgy. Philharmonic welcomes a wide range of exceptional soloists and conductors such as Aline Pogostkina, David Greilsammera, Case Scaglioneho and Petr Altrichter.

"We are not afraid to take risks, to open our listeners ears and try to involve them in contemporary world music scene. It's no experiment, but the expansion of the boundaries of classical music closer to the present time. We are delighted that our audience on unbeaten paths followed, "says dramaturge Brno Philharmonic Vitezslav Mikes.

Jubilee celebrates the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra along with violinist Alina Pogostkin world, which as a soloist season brings a festive philharmonic year not only his performing arts, but also has its irresistible charm. Listeners can thus bringing forward in her 25th and 26 February to put the violin concerto Distant Light Latvian author pēteris vasks be personally present and under the baton of Finnish conductor Juha Kangas. 26th and 27 May, Alina Pogostkin sounds Janacek Theatre expressive Violin Concerto renowned German composer Jörg Widman.

Worth noting definitely still standing and exceptional project Brno Philharmonic Joan of Arc, which offers an attractive combination of the famous black and white silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc film by Carl Theodor Dreyer of 1928 with new music by Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius. The head of the Brno Philharmonic will become conductor Peter Vrabel, who adds "Kutavičius you in my film chosen randomly. His music is contemporary, but the inspiration comes from the distant past. "This project will have given 21 and 22 January.

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