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With children on skis? Principles for a happy winter holiday

Holidaying with children on a hillside has its own specifics. If you have not set off the mountains as a couple or a party from morning to evening cruised tirelessly slopes, you'll stay in the mountains with children entirely new discipline.

Here are some tips on how to stay properly choose and how kids have fun in the snow to a winter holiday has become a nice tradition. If you underestimate the preparation, you have a great chance for children to pass a lifelong love for the mountains and skiing.

1. The date is springboard

First, carefully select the date when you want to go on the road. For if you plan to vacation in the mountains with children who are not experienced skiers choose days on crowded slopes. Therefore prefer to avoid holidays and weekends. The ski resorts are traditionally the least crowded midweek. So you will not have to worry about long queues, occupation, or school skiing unnecessary accidents. Well-term plan is particularly important in the case if the journey issued with multiple families. Accommodation for larger groups are in fact sold out soon, so it is necessary to hotels or mountain huts in time to book.

2nd gentle slopes and a ski school

When choosing a resort for families with young children important that offered plenty of slopes for beginners. The advantage of the slopes, for example, which do not have access snowboarders or areas earmarked specifically for beginners. Important also offer ski schools. Skiing lessons not only saves you nerves, but give you time for your own cruising slopes. But I prefer the Internet to check the current assessment rates, for example, find out the number of children per instructor. The resort also choose the route, long journeys are difficult for children. In addition to domestic resorts are easily accessible by Austria should be. For example, from Prague to Kaprun journey takes no more than 5 hours.

3rd The cabin for the family is not enough

By choosing, give priority to hotels and lodges where they are close to the ski slopes. When Hitting the slopes with children, you have to carry large amounts of equipment. Therefore you appreciate if you do not have to climb a demanding route. In addition, children routinely get tired quickly and is an advantage when you can go relax for a while. Mainly forget the romantic cabins that you had previously enjoyed. "Choose the accommodation that provides adequate facilities for children. The room should have its own bathroom, plenty of space to play and the advantage is even a children's corner in the building, "said Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia." If Hitting the mountains is the smallest, inquire whether the hotel to rent a cot , chairs and other needs. Equipment for the winter holidays with the family is already very extensive, and everything that you would definitely not fit into the car, "says Michal Tuma. Families have liked to have reserved apartments with a kitchen, so children can easily provide normal diet to which they are accustomed.

4. Secure recreation and entertainment

If Hitting the weekly holiday, be aware that the days on the slopes you will have space other activities. All-day stays skiing are children consuming. Search consequently centers in the area is, for example, an ice rink, space for sledding and other attractions. If you are going to resorts at higher altitudes, engage in its program several leisure activities. This environment is particularly debilitating for children. "Families with children when choosing a ski vacation is increasingly emphasizing availability of wellness services. The pool is in fact possible to entertain the children well and, moreover, appropriately relax the muscles tired of skiing, "said Tuma.

5. Equipment prefer borrowed

If your children are going skiing for the first time, definitely not worth it, take them to complete skiing equipment. You never know in advance whether the sport is exciting and will want to continue in it. In addition, children are growing rapidly, and next season they will probably be at least a small shoe. For younger children, therefore, prefer to rely on a car. If the child has their own skis, be sure pre-holiday service representative. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble. "In addition to providing equipment ski boots and skis, will also focus on the security features. The helmet is a must for children. At the helmet size is important Do not take it too much with the vision that lasts several seasons. When in fact the child may fall from the head slide. And consider purchasing additional guards, "recommends Lukas Fiala from the company Baby Direkt.

6th Avoid getting cold

The most challenging of all is to keep the baby in the snow dry and warm. Keep in mind that in one outfit will have to endure several hours and the weather in the mountains is often unpredictable. Therefore bet on layering. Pants and jacket should then be waterproof. Especially if the kids just to learn to ski or snowboard is a high probability that they will often throughout the day to roll in the snow. As the bottom layer Provide children thermal underwear, which is layered lightweight cotton shirts or turtlenecks. Warm woolen sweaters are not suitable for skiing, because in them the child quickly sweat. Gloves should always be on the rise pack replacement. With hands like ice no offspring out too last long.

7th Do not underestimate the sun

When you equip the family to the mountains, do not forget the quality cosmetics. Half an hour before you go to the slopes, children paint a sunscreen with a high factor. Even when it's overcast, they can easily burn in the mountains. Mainly because snow reflects sunlight. "However, I prefer to choose a special winter sun creams that are compact and do not contain much water. The frost is moisturizing creams with high water on the child's skin is definitely not, "says Lukas Fiala.

8. In your pocket keep a quick source of sugar

Bring your family skiing satisfied, and children should be properly zasytit hillside. Do not rely on stalls with food and drink at the slope. Better get into the pocket Prepare For example, a bag with dried fruit or grape sugar. Children in the heat of the game or learning to forget their hunger and can quickly lead energy, which can cause accidents. Equipped with fast sugars in addition to prevent wolf of hunger and the sight of long queues to get you to your knees. Do not forget the constant replenishment of fluids. It is best to warm sweetened tea in a thermos. A relaxing family experience nothing wrong.

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