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Life without Tobacco: the part of insurance companies appreciate the effort

Classics says: "There is nothing easier than quitting smoking. I myself have done it many times. "The situation today is changing dramatically advanced treatment that is far more successful than attempts to quit without support products. For insurers, it is advantageous to support this therapy, even financially. How much can you get?

Drugs used in the treatment of tobacco dependence operates thanks to the presence of any of the three substances - nicotine, bupropion and varenicline most recently. Ranked as the most effective is just varenicline, which increases the success rate of therapy compared to administration of non-active substances (ie. The placebo group) roughly tripled. It varenicline is available in the form of Champix. And how does this stuff work? On a principle similar to the children's game "Musical Chairs". Varenicline "sit" binding site (or receptor), which normally binds nicotine. This prevents withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, after lighting a cigarette does not feel comfortable, relaxed nicotine because you have not find an empty chair, which would sit (which is not binding).

For healthier lungs for up to two and a half thousand

We provide you with an overview of contributions to insurance companies for 2016 offer to their clients support the decision to withdraw the tobacco from your life.

General Health Insurance Company (111).
Under the "Road to smoking" offers up to CZK 2,500 on prescription drugs as well as on OTC medicines. This contribution may be utilized until the end of 2016.
Revírní Fraternal Treasury, Health Insurance (213).
Support for smoking cessation will be provided in 2016.
Insurance Company Skoda (209).
Offers amount to CZK 500, which may be drawn in 2 ×. The condition is the completion of treatment, a report on the outcome of therapy and proof of payment.
Departmental Health Insurance Company for the employees of banks, insurance companies and construction (207).
The programs for next year are not yet approved. Due to the high success of the project will stop smoking, however, the contribution of the proposals figure.
Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (205). Subsidized programs have not yet been approved.
Health Insurance Company of the Interior Ministry (211). The smoking cessation does not participate. But pays smokers chest X-ray as part of prevention carcinoma (cancer) of the institution.
Military Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (201). The proposal for 2016 is a contribution to the cessation of CZK 400, which can be cashed once a year upon presentation of proof of payment.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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