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Fog lights belong to the fog!

Fog, it is in this period perfectly normal. Especially in the morning we pass it very often. At least the road, then at the moment we enter into the mist, we again after a while driving through the countryside sunny morning sun. And how we meet drivers who lit fog-nemlha foglights as if it snowing? So let's take a nice turn.

Fog lights (or fog lamps, fog lights) are additional auxiliary lights which are used for lighting of vehicles in adverse weather conditions - in fog, heavy rain or snowfall. In terms of design, and their use is divided into front and back. Rear fog lights can be found on all new cars that are sold in our country because of their mounting has long been the EU's obligations. Front fog lights are included higher grade models, cars, or have the owners later installed. Front fog lights are white and we will find them located on the front of the car as close to the road surface. Then rear fog lights are red and are at the rear of the car, either individually or as part of the rear lights. Especially fog lamps in combined when we leave them turned on, even when it is not foggy, besides dazzling confuse other drivers. Easily it is exchanged for brake lights.

As the X-ray fog?

Fog is composed of tiny water droplets that reflect back light that falls on them. About the feeling you know, you drive into fog and in front of you is erected opaque white wall. Fog lamps are mounted in the front of the car low for the fact that the fog seemed podsvěcují and thereby improve visibility. Technically speaking, the greater the angle between the cone of light emitted by the fog lamp and the eye of the driver, the less light is reflected back to the eye and thus also the driver sees better. Rear fog lights then they have another function. Just simply improving the visibility of the vehicle under the conditions described above.

Lights when needed!

Rear fog light is brighter, higher than the tail lights. Therefore, it is imperative that drivers comply with the obligation fog off if the severe weather conditions no longer exist. Dazzle the others! It is very annoying when you are driving when visibility is good, even tens of kilometers per car, whose driver was "forgotten" and the eyes will burn lit red rear fog lamp.

So - rear fog lights must necessarily be applied in the case of fog, dense snow or heavy rain falls. Under these conditions can be used, but optional, and front fog lamps. And there may be a situation that the driver turns on the lights, while at the right time, but when it comes out of the fog or rain or snow stops, leave the lights shine further. For oncoming traffic, then it is very unpleasant.

A separate chapter is the use of daytime running lights, especially in poor visibility.

"Drivers need to realize if you really shines enough. Contemporary modern cars are usually in the car is started automatically illuminated daytime running lights. And drivers often forget in the light of reduced visibility proper lighting - or at least dipped beam, whether it is darkness, fog, or perhaps the entrance to the tunnel. They forget that, for example, back them nothing is off and the other drivers are very difficult to see. We can not fully rely either on a self lighted light. Perhaps just in case of fog or rain, which rises when passing vehicles, water curtain, the sensor does not evaluate lighting conditions as low enough for the dipped headlights and the car is then poorly lit especially for other road users. Many drivers are probably the motto "if I see it as others see it, too, "and it is very dangerous," said pastor Martin, Head of Road Safety.

And one warning if you are driving with lights fog lamps, it is assumed that the visibility is very poor, and this state must also adapt to driving speed. For example, in Germany, when lit fog lights assume that visibility dropped below 50 meters, so you can not go faster 50 km / h even on the highway.

Source: tz iBESIP, editorially modified

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