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Grow teeth? Four tips to relieve child

Sadly salivating baby and proplakané night. The first period eruption of teeth is not pleasant for either child alone, even for the surroundings. Hint what you can to try to have this stage of life for all, at least a little more bearable.

Teething rings first

Toys adapted for biting divert attention from the child uncomfortable pain, and if vychladíte in the refrigerator, to help soothe an inflamed gums. However, experts warn - such aids should not be frozen, because it would do more harm to the child.

Gels second of pharmacy

On the market there are several types of gels for the third time sensitive gums babies. Usually It shall contain in addition to the local anesthetic (painkiller which acts directly on the spot) also has antiseptic component to prevent possible development of infections. Their suitability Check with your doctor or pharmacist.

3. Natural massage

The impending cuts a new tooth often highlights the fact that the child begins to insert fingers into his mouth and all reachable objects. Even our grandmothers therefore could not commit to a sharpened carrots and other fruits and vegetables that descendant "chewed" and at the same time as massaging the gums. It should be borne in mind that small children should never be left with any food alone!

4. Assistance in the form of syrup

The growth of the teeth in some cases may also accompany an elevated temperature. If you want to relieve a child at the same time relieve the pain, you can use the freely available medicines containing ibuprofen or paracetamol. There are now a variety of dosage forms such as syrup, effervescent tablets or suppositories. It is essential to observe the correct dosage, depending on the child's weight. With the selection of a suitable formulation helps pediatrician or pharmacist.

A child who has just teething, requires much more attention than usual. If he will intensively pursue, you will make to not concentrate for a moment on the pains that troubled him. If you feel that it does not help anything, talk to your pediatrician.

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