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Weekly Horoscope Dec 14 to Dec 20, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Dec 14 to Dec 20, 2015 Do not be obsessed with details and remember: what others think is their thing! You pay your closest as close as possible to go - be with them, not just beside them ..

Week: 14. 12. 2015 - 20. 12. 2015

Aries (3.21-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, you power in this time of Advent you have a lot of - you seem to be sprinkled living water. Something you excited enough and will motivate them to venture into less pleasurable activities .. The material realm is not try to convince people that you have a problem. No you do not, and if, then only in your head. Think positive, otherwise a trouble call in the end .. At home, you'll get that lingering affair comes to an end, and you should be very relieved. Something you cease to worry about - either it changes to your image, or you will be "sum not care." Finally.. ;-)

Taurus (4.21-20.5.)

Dear Young bulls, do a lot of things you did not want, but it is in these days of change. Come with good humor, desire to work and everything will go well from the hand. You seem to be charged with positive energy .. The finances can argue understanding heart. Each option has merit, no doubt about it. Ideal choice there, toss a crown .. Doma has the strength directly lion. You should also hedge "royal" wisdom: to forgive is an art, and accept the fact that someone simply is not perfect, it is generous. A hallmark of generosity should make you at this time to decorate ..

Gemini (5.21-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, you do not have to rely everything on himself. Remember that the more people on the job, the more time you have left over for entertainment. And then you should not avoid. Advent is also a time to meet and call friends .. financial or business you have probably bitten off big. You will have to do to handle everything "without loss of flowers". Will it, but next time think before, and perhaps even better .. Plan your home, you seem to be on horseback. Self-confidence can increase small successes, comes to your words. Moralizing you forgive, still holds true that pride comes before a fall .. ;-)

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, insist on their own. You have the right attitude, keep it. Resist the attacks from outside promises "blue of the sky." Emotional blackmail you should not impinge - be principled .. The finances may experience some confusion. Sit down and put everything neatly on paper, let you run away money somehow, "Lord God into the windows" .. If someone at home irritates his approach to certain issues, it is important to realize what is driving him. Your ability to see a thing from the other side you might bring an interesting and surprisingly simple solution. The idea is to think realistically and keep in mind that it is not perfect, none of us ..

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens joyful days should be in the majority of your advent. Children especially if you can prepare many a pleasant surprise. And if not altogether pleasant, at least appreciate the good intention. Something in your area clears and you are relieved .. Finance should flourish; If you go love them, still prefer to join you in a pleasant form of return .. Privacy needs to be spectators rather than direct actors - whether for anything. Of Inaction can extract a lot of positives, just to look good ..

Virgo (8.24-23.9.)
Dolls expensive, do not overdo it smejčením and giving things into a sterile fine. Santa Claus to hit you even if not completely vysmejčeno. Important than "what" to do's "with whom" to do. Advent can do as a shared joy, not stress individual .. Small handily resolve the financial problem; the mood will definitely spoil material area .. In private, it is necessary to think of a common spirit. Do not be obsessed with detail and remember: what others think is their thing! You pay your closest as close as possible to go - be with them, not just beside them ..

Libra (24.9-10.23)

Dear Libra, the only thing you might be in these days in danger, insufficient caution and realistic thinking. Someone wants nakukat the grass is blue (figuratively speaking, of course). You tend to bump him. Believe that what looks very favorably will lead only to disappointment. Keep your feet on the ground, roast pigeons themselves "in the mouth" do not fly .. At work, speak less, listen more. That Glitters! It still repeat .. In private, you can go basically do anything. A key clue should, however, be no doubt. Once you have inside you will, take it as a warning finger. This is what you are persuaded, goes well ..

Scorpio (10.24-11.22)

Dear Scorpios situation these days, you should cope with an overview and wisely. If necessary retreat, do it. Only you will know that it is purely a diplomatic retreat, and certainly not definitive .. ;-) The labor sector is brewing a storm. You should not participate in it, hide in seclusion. It is not cowardice, but a healthy estimate of its subject to availability, hence the lack of arguments. Time will give you the truth; just the "time" is the key word .. embarking If the private into something new, go for it fully. You have the ability to succeed, fears are totally unnecessary ..

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.)

Dear shooters, nowhere to necpěte, you are now welcome. Now! This means that a week may be all different. It's not about you (do not be touchy!), And it is only just about inappropriate situation .. Material sector have firmly under control. Where you can not go finance, diplomatically know how to justify. Also works at work. While your boss may think he is leading, you nevyvracíte him, but you know her, yes ;-) .. At home, his search for the main and only listen to what is happening around. Will need to banish sorrow and anger and try to be a lot of empathy and sympathy. Says to someone for help, help, without a word of remorse and any mentoring! ..

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes, you should be very careful when dealing with their emotions. Exhibit is now on the outside may give you a leg trip. Hold back, count to ten, twenty, thirty years .. The material sphere too long over something Duma and hesitating step. That's not good. Here's a warning that if you hesitate for a long time, chances vanishes and ends up in the dustbin of your history. It is up to you how much "it" you .. Private shows considerable depletion. Estimation is possible to say that you have it on their shoulders loaded too rashly. Reduce priorities the other way to "better future" is not ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, do not give the idea that prosperity is measured by your care. Do not overdo it. Well we will in fact these days flourish without too much of your activity - relax, enjoy an active life, that everything that you enjoy what you charging what you love. Labour has no legs .. ;-) in finance can give great attention to the "pig in a poke." You have a huge tendency to succumb to the illusion that something is truly irresistible. Resist and you'll soon be thanking you stayed relentless .. In the field of personal protective powers are heading higher: that if you need help with something, then only actively indicating the direction, take the first step. The result is otherworldly powers take care of themselves. Obviously the outcome beneficial to you ..

Fish (2.20-20.3.)

Dear Fish, nothing new to worry, doubt about himself. The ability to achieve success you are very good. If you are to start anything with the courage to go forward .. The material plane would come to a sudden reversal - a beneficial effect. It may appear a new job offer, earn some money; as well as anybody can come from colleagues with surprising for you good news. Increase your activity where you need to change - go lucky .. In contrast, their personal issues you currently have the power to move events in their favor. No worries, you can go into anything. After what really desire? ..

Famous words to ponder:

"You should behave the way you think they should behave in all." (Vaclav

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