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Burns: danger lurks everywhere!

With the coming of autumn due to bad weather we spend more and more time at home. Even there, however, threatens many pitfalls. If you have small children, it is important to think particularly on the prevention of burns and scalds. If you have an accident, it is suitable to know how to provide first aid.

Many people believe that their own home is safe, and no fear of injury there is no reason. The opposite is true. Pitfalls lurk in kitchen, bathroom and living room. The kitchen can be a little child of ignorance touch hot hotplates or oven. If you have a desktop kettle, place it as far away from the region and ensure that the cable does not hang down from the line. Kids love for him and often pull and then be scalded. In the living room are an attraction tablecloths beyond the edge of the table, especially when standing on the table hot coffee or tea. The bathroom can turn at a reduced parental attention baby turn the tap for hot water and scald themselves or bather with siblings.

Cool water, not ice

If, despite all the injury occurs, remain calm. Just as you can for your child to do the best. Even a small range burns may be a pediatric patient very serious and requires supervision. They may not be a life threatening condition, but when the bad treatment is necessary to scarring of the skin. As at burn properly followed?
Remove the source of heat. The longer the "culprit" causing the skin, the damage will be severe.
Dial 155 to summon rapid assistance. If the disability is severe, the best solution is transported to a specialized burn center, where the healing of affected areas so much experience.
Scalded area refrigerate. Use running water at a temperature of 8-12 ° C. In no case do not bring the ice. It is recommended to cool only the face, hands, feet, and genital area. Extensive washing with cold water could cause hypothermia patient.
Remove victim jewelry. After these injuries occur to the development of edema. Jewel could cause ischemia.

Since gels after transplantation

Treatment is fundamentally different depending on the age of the patient, extent and severity of injuries. Burns can be divided into superficial and deep. Surface usually heal without scarring within two weeks after the injury. If only a small scale, it is not necessary to look for a specialized department. In the therapy used cooling agents or hydrocolloid gels promoting healing. Deep burns affect deeper layers of skin. Their treatment is more complex and long-term. After healing occurs at the affected site scar. On the morning to apply temporary skin covers (synthetic or biological). When the loss of full thickness skin is healthy skin taken from other parts of the body (back of the thighs or the hairy part of the head) and the graft is attached to the burned area. Due to the large bolesti.osti injury is an integral part of treatment administering painkillers.

Checking households curious eyes of a child

Burns are severe injury. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the proper precautions and households in those places, which are believed to be safe. Surface treatment of minor burns can be managed at home. When in doubt, but always consult a doctor. Solving deep and extensive burns is clearly in the hands of experts and attempted samoterapii patient can end up lasting consequences in the form of unsightly scars.

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