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Dependence? It not only drugs, but also for shopping

A variety of substances and activities that one can completely fail, is extremely broad. Most of you probably think of an individual's longing for a dose of heroin or cocaine addicts, however, can be even on the Internet or chocolate.

Dependencies can be divided into two large groups - Fabric and Non-Substance (behavioral). The former includes psychoactive substances that are collectively called the drug. Furthermore, we include drugs that are used outside of a prescription, such as opiates and sedatives. Among the substances that produce addiction are major players also nicotine and alcohol.

It often begins innocently

Most of us from time to time will not refuse an invitation to a glass of wine, lunch washed down with beer or celebration "neodhadne peace" and later more or less reads. It means that we are addicted to alcohol? Themselves probably not. However, if you feel any of the following symptoms, we should think over his drink and, if appropriate thing to consult with a specialist. For dependence testifies:
a strong desire or urge to drink (drinking well alone, persistent thoughts on alcohol)
modified control drink (drink the "I" can not stop)
withdrawal state (tremors, sweating, pounding heart, anxiety, nausea and weakness at a time when our body without alcohol)
the need for higher doses (for drunkenness need to drink increasing amounts)
neglecting other needs and interests,
continued drinking despite clear evidence of harmful effects (destroyed by the liver, depression).

Approximate tool to evaluate whether we drink in moderation, can be a knowledge of the maximum recommended amount of alcohol per day. One "unit" of alcohol is equivalent to 10 grams of pure ethanol. This amount found for example in a glass of red wine or small beer. For a woman, it is recommended ceiling for one unit of alcohol per day for men, two.

Under the influence of "doing"

Non-Substance dependence among rank a variety of activities that a person compulsively seeks to meet, even if they have a life of its negative consequences. Typical is necessary to gambling, also known as pathological gambling. For some non-substance addictions it is treacherous that may arise on activities that harm to a lesser extent, and are beneficial to the contrary.

An example might be a dependence on the Internet and information technologies in general, to shopping or on sweet food. In these forms of possession it is not quite possible for a drug target to choose total abstinence, but rather to find the extent to which the person concerned still harm.

It is different however in the case of gambling, which even in small scale can not be considered beneficial.
This dependence is deceitful above all by offering the illusion quickly gained money.
People addicted to slot machines are often able to ruin yourself and your family, but still believes that "there next time" they will be inclined to happiness and money recovered.
To gambling can result in many ways - some players are trying to get funding primarily for example, to pay debts, otherwise it's more about the experience the excitement of a risky bet.

From addictions of any kind is very difficult to get yourself in the gambling case, however, it is doubly true. It is certainly worthwhile to postpone the shame aside and seek professional help.

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